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Xuan Nghi matures and deepens in EP “The Coffee Girl”

Recently, Xuan Nghi officially released the EP (extended disc) The Coffee Girl including 5 songs: My world is you, Expresso, How long is the wait, Glass of iced milk, Moonlight. After 12 years since Xuan Nghi’s last album titled Nghi 16, Xuan Nghi has just presented the audience with an EP to mark his maturity in music.

Belonging to the Pop Ballad genre, each song in the EP The Coffee Girl is a stage of emotions and life experiences, or different personalities inside Xuan Nghi. From cheerful and playful in My World is you, Expresso to aimless, playing with iced milk and even broken, regretful in How long to wait and Moonlight. These are also the emotions that anyone experiences on the journey of adulthood that Xuan Nghi wishes to become a friend – a coffee girl who is always beside her audience.

Xuan Nghi is more mature and profound in the EP

The idea to make EP The Coffee Girl came to Xuan Nghi from going to coffee and seeing people buying different drinks, matching each person’s mood and story. Besides, coffee is also a favorite drink, indispensable in my daily life. Each song in the EP The Coffee Girl represents a different drink, like a beautiful coffee shop that Xuan Nghi created with music. In addition to the title Expresso and Iced Milk, My World is You is Lavender Latte, How long to wait is Cold Brew and Moonlight is a cup of cherry blossom tea.

“Xuan Nghi hopes that her music can also accompany coffee cups and audiences. No matter what people are doing or drinking, listening to Xuan Nghi’s music will help people feel lighter and more focused on doing their jobs. EP The Coffee Girl is like a cure for your soul, everyone deserves to have moments of peace and relaxation with their coffee” – Xuan Nghi shared.

Xuan Nghi is more mature and profound in the EP

The EP The Coffee Girl also marks a significant transformation of Xuan Nghi in the image, besides the deep and feminine music, which is more mature than before. Through the debut photo series EP The Coffee Girl, Xuan Nghi shows her gentle and sexy side at the age of 28, after many years of domestic and international artistic activities. The female singer wears costumes with gentle textures and bright colors in the middle of a forest of flowers like a muse, but also shows off her personality and charm with a powerful black suit.

Talking about the maturity in image and music, Xuan Nghi shared that the singer has faced many turning points and great changes in her career, health and family and emotional affairs in the past 2 years: Through these fluctuations, I have learned many lessons and realized that I am much more mature and mature in perception. Therefore, I think it’s time to change my music and image to match my current personality.”

Besides, Xuan Nghi also revealed her plan to return to Vietnam to perform live the songs in the EP The Coffee Girl in front of the audience at the end of 2022. Xuan Nghi shared, she wants nothing more than to bring it. for fans of carefully invested products from the audio to the visual part, as well as dedicating to the Vietnamese music industry.

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