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3 mistakes of the wife that make the husband cheat and not return

When it comes to the problem husband of adultery or betrayal or deception, many women will be extremely disgruntled and indignant. Especially for the insiders, they probably won’t be able to calm down if they see their husband holding hands with another woman and will immediately think: “He’s a bad guy…”, “One bad husband…”, “An unfaithful man…”.

Having many years of experience in counseling happiness in marriage, psychologist Tue An said that in this life “nothing is naturally born and naturally lost” just like “without fire, there is no fire, then nothing is natural”. How can there be smoke? Therefore, when your husband commits acts of deception or betrayal, do not rush to make a fuss, resent and hate, but look back and see if you are making any mistakes as below:

Looking forward to her husband

When finding out that her husband is having an affair, most women want their husband to return immediately, immediately terminate the relationship with the third person without ever thinking that they have to find the root cause of their husband’s adultery. problem so that both of you can make amends and start over for a better marriage.

Expecting too much and waiting for her husband to take the initiative to give up the third person will definitely make women disappointed because he will not return immediately and forever if women only use power and force to order. he.

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Afraid to change

It is not natural for her husband to find a third person like that, the reason will probably be from the marriage of both of them. Women who want their husbands to come back and give up the 3rd person without changing themselves, realizing their own imperfections to modify and renew the relationship, will still end up breaking up in tears. and regret.

Lazy action

Many women, when they see their husband cheating they are very distressed, they want to heal and the husband comes back but when telling them to change first, stay calm to find the root cause of the problem and from his own marriage.

They hesitate, wonder, they look outside to blame, to lament and resent life, to blame their spouse… without actually acting intelligently. It is this delay that will make women tired and make marriage more and more deadlocked.

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