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4 plants prefer drinking beer to water, 1 sip of fat and green leaves every 2 weeks

In the middle of summer, beer is always an alcoholic drink that everyone can’t live without. On a hot day, sipping a glass of cold beer, eating a few peanuts or fried beans will not be as refreshing as it is.

The advantage of beer is that it is rich in nutrition and energy, has a low alcohol content, so drinking 1 cup of beer a day is good for health. Not only people can drink beer, but plants can also “drink”. When using beer to water the plant, its leaves will always be green and shiny. Here are the 4 plants that like to drink beer the most:

Fortune tree

The fortune tree is a leafy plant with auspicious meanings, usually the tree has a relatively large size that needs to be raised in large flower pots. Because the roots of the fortune tree are too large, when selling, traders will cut the roots. Therefore, many people who bring the fortune tree back do not know how to take care of it, making the tree always stunted and yellow. This is where beer comes into play.

4 plants prefer drinking beer to water, 2 weeks 1 sip of fat and green leaves - 1

Usually use less beer, add water to make a dilute solution of 1:40 ratio. Using this solution to water the fortune plants not only has the effect of disinfecting and detoxifying but also adding nutrients to the plants. Of course, the frequency of pouring should not be too high, it should only be poured once a month.


Aloe vera is a plant with strong vitality, so when the nuclear explosion in Hiroshima happened, it was the first to recover. Aloe vera has a very thin appearance, but it also needs watering and fertilizing. At this time, beer can help you replenish the amount of water and nutrients needed by aloe vera at the same time.

The specific operation is to open the beer, leave it overnight, then dilute it to a 1:200 solution, then use this water to water the aloe vera roots. Also the frequency is once a month, just use well, the growth of aloe vera will be stronger and stronger.

4 plants prefer drinking beer to water, 1 sip of fat and green leaves every 2 weeks - 3


The clivia (orchid orchid) is often raised as trees, but in fact, clivia can also bloom, but it is not easy for the flowers to bloom, after blooming will suck up all the nutrients, causing the plant to die. For now, let’s use beer.

After venting the beer for 1 day, dilute it to a 1:100 solution of water and water the clivia roots to add nutrients and promote flowering.

If you still don’t feel strong enough, you can add a third of an aspirin to a little beer, then dilute it to a 1:40 watering solution. In a short time, the clivia will be able to bloom, and the leaves will have a more beautiful emerald green color.

4 plants prefer drinking beer to water, 1 sip of fat and green leaves every 2 weeks - 4

Betel nut

Betel nut is a rather slender and small tree, so it is very suitable for growing in the office. But sometimes when the maintenance is not good, the yellowing of leaves will also appear. At this time, beer is also a necessity.

Let the beer stay overnight and then dilute it to a 1:100 solution, watering the plants, every three or four weeks, and the plants come back to life. Note that beer should be watered on the entire stem, focusing on the leaves, not the root. If you feel that pale beer is not enough, you can also use a few more vitamin B tablets, the effect will be better.

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