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Amber Heard’s situation is like a medieval criminal

The $50 million lawsuit between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp is entering its final days. After all, the star – the actor is the two people who suffer the most.

Never before has the public poured into a lawsuit between a Hollywood star couple so big. Get over hot news related to war, inflation, abortion, lawsuit topics between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp attracted the attention of the American audience in particular and the world in general Insider.

Millions of people on duty are waiting every day to watch the interrogation, fighting, and back-and-forth between the two sides through online livestreams. The majority of the audience is also willing to spend a lot of money, time and effort to line up for seats to watch Depp and Heard’s trial.

Many others benefited from dissecting and posting videos and photos related to the $50 million lawsuit. However, the one who does not benefit from the legal battle this time, is none other than Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. In the end, what remains in them is the psychological trauma caused by the court of public opinion and the mutual condemnation between the star couple – the actor.

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Depp and Heard both suffered psychological damage

Amanda Knox (34 years old) who was wrongly convicted and served 4 years in prison after the murder of her roommate in 2007. At that time, the girl was 20 years old and studying in Perugia, Italy.

Knox said that in the past few days, she watched the hearings between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp at Fairfax court (Virginia, USA). Above The Independentthis woman said she understood the couple’s feelings star when receiving too much attention from the public about the lawsuit.

“Depp or Heard will go through the same feelings as me after the lawsuit is over. It’s psychological trauma when receiving accusations from the public. The shame of being the center of attention from the public. thousands, even millions of people will pursue for the rest of their lives. It’s no small story.”shared by Amanda Knox.

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Depp or Heard both suffered psychological damage after the lawsuit was closed. Photo: AP/Getty.

According to Amanda Knox, she once defended Depp in the lawsuit against The Sun in 2020. At that time, this woman understood that whether the actor wins or loses the case, he must also bear the judgment from the public court. A judgment that Depp has no right to appeal or voice his opinion in the face of outrage from fans.

However, while watching the trial at Fairfax court (Virginia, USA), Knox sympathized with Heard. She said more and more famous Aquaman suffered a fierce attack from Depp’s crazed fans. Hashtags like #AmberTurd and #AmberHeardIsAnAbuser are targeting Heard.

It is worth mentioning that as the number of witnesses who tried to defend Heard in court increased, so did the beatings and criticisms of the actress becoming fierce on social networking platforms. It was an attack aimed at the woman, according to Knox.

Death threats aren’t just online. You cannot know if you are safe or not because those who curse and criticize you are hiding behind the computer keyboard. I have suffered many times of being attacked and threatened with death online. It was a horrible feeling. Chances of survival are slimmer than ever.”Knox said.

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Heard is being attacked online by Depp fans. Photo: Reuters.

Knox shared that at the end of the lawsuit, Depp or Heard – neither of them was a winner. Because, both are suffering accusations from the public trial, especially Heard. The longer the trial goes on, the more traumatized and lost the couple will be.

Above Vouchers, author Raven Smith argues that Heard’s current situation resembles a medieval criminal. The actress sat in court, listening to a person who once knelt down, denounced and criticized. Out there, millions of malicious, defamatory comments are directed at Heard. Many viewers even made mocking clips about the actress’s appearance.

“Since when, people have lost sympathy for each other. The online community is cornering Heard and making her never able to look back. The British court once convicted Depp of abusing Heard. It’s time we trust Heard. It’s time we trust women.”Raven Smith expressed.

What do the star couple want at the end of the lawsuit?

Returning to the hearing on April 19, Depp said the last thing he wanted to achieve after this lawsuit was the truth. The actor wants his family and children to understand that the accusations from Heard against him are slanderous.

“It’s been 6 years. It’s strange that one day you, the beloved Cinderella, suddenly become the hunchback Quasimodo at Notre Dame, shunned by everyone. Me, my children and those who love me are not I deserve it. I don’t want them to misunderstand me. The only thing I care about so far is the truth.”, Johnny Depp To share.

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Heard said she wants to have a peaceful life after the divorce. Photo: Reuters.

As for Heard, the actress said, after all, she wanted Depp to “leave her alone”. The Hollywood star also wants her husband to make it public in court and public opinion that she is not lying.

I begged Depp not to make me sit in court talking about these bad things. I don’t want to be here at all. I tried to keep him from calling me a liar. Everything I’ve shared so far is true“, Heard expressed.

Movie stars Aquaman I also hope her ex-husband doesn’t sue her and “after the divorce, I just want to be safe to move on with my life”.

Above People, legal expert in the field Daniel Gutenplan said that the amount of 50 million USD actually means nothing to the actor in this case. The last thing Depp wants is to win before the court of public opinion, thereby regaining his tarnished image and honor.

Depp and Heard’s defamation lawsuit is drawing to a close. In the past time, both sides have tried to prove their innocence and accuse the other. The confusion and contradiction in the testimonies of the star-actress couple makes the legal battle uncertain in which direction.

In the coming hearing, an important witness, supermodel Kate Moss, will give testimony through an online form. Experts say that Kate Moss’s testimony in court for her ex-girlfriend could change the course of the case between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp.

I think the jury will trust Moss’ testimony because she and Depp have been together for so many years. On top of that, if Moss and Depp have a bad relationship, she can condemn and say hurtful things about the actor. But before, Moss had never done that.”lawyer Nicole Haff said.

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