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Debate over gun control ’emerges’ after the Texas tragedy

Controversy over gun control 'resurged' after the Texas tragedy - Photo 1.

The massacre at an elementary school in Texas left many people at the scene shocked and saddened – Photo: NEW YORK POST

According to Reuters news agency, the shooting has once again reawakened the never-ending debate about gun control in the US, even though gun violence has fed up people.

Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy called on his colleagues to take action – create laws to limit the spread of guns – to combat gun violence.

“It’s no coincidence that we’re the deadliest high-income country in the world. We have the laxest gun laws. Guns ‘flow’ in this country like water. That’s why the end of the discharge one mass murderer after another,” Murphy said.

Previous efforts to pass new federal gun restrictions have largely failed, according to Reuters. Many Republican lawmakers, who often oppose new restrictions on gun ownership, argue that the US needs to do more to end mental illness, which may cause some to go to practice. gun shootings.

Disagreeing with this argument, Mr Murphy said: “Stop telling me mental illness bullshit.”

“You can’t explain mass shootings through the lens of mental illness because we’re not overwhelmed with mental illness compared to other countries. But we’re particularly vulnerable in terms of access to weapons, crime and other sick people can hold a gun. That’s different in America.”

Mr Murphy said he wanted to find a bipartisan solution, a bill that “shows progress” and doesn’t necessarily require outright legal regulation.

Hours after the Texas shootings on May 24 local time, Senator Chuck Schumer – leader of the Democratic majority in the Senate – cleared the way to conduct a vote on May 26 at the earliest. Laws tighten background checks on gun buyers.

According to the newspaper New York Times, The bill would expand criminal background checks for gun buyers on the Internet and at gun shows, and lengthen the time it takes to license these people to allow the FBI to investigate further. .

A bill on measures to tighten gun regulations and background checks for gun buyers was passed by the House in 2019 and 2021 but failed in the Senate due to Republican opposition.

According to the newspaper The Guardian, In 2021, Republican Senator Chuck Grassley – who blocked the gun tightening bill – said the bill passed by the House was “hostile towards legal gun owners and legal gun dealers”.

He argued that “so-called background checks on gun buyers do not prevent crime and are intended to turn law-abiding citizens into criminals”.

Even after the latest massacre that left 18 students and three adults dead in Texas on May 24, Republicans showed no sign of changing their stance.

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