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Di Li’s “Club No. 7” reunites with readers

In the detective genre, Club No. 7 begins with the tragic deaths of young girls. At first glance, the causes of death in the completely different cases make no one think this is a continuous murder chain.

However, Inspector Phan Dang Bach realized that all the victims got into the Hoa Sen taxi before they died. This is the starting point for him and his teammates to conduct a risky investigation into the truth behind the crime.

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Di Li’s real name is Nguyen Dieu Linh, born in 1978. She is one of the prominent authors of the detective-thriller series with typical works such as: Hell’s Valse (2007), Red flower farm (2009), Tower of Babel on top of moonlight waterfall (2010), Club No. 7 (2016)…

“Di Li has an extremely important quality in creating detective genre, that is patience, the ability to ambush. Patiently sowing important details unintentionally and scattered throughout the book but with a clear and intelligent intention.” Writer Nguyen Quang Thieu commented.

As a work invested by writer Di Li for 6 years, Club No. 7 was published and received warmly by readers. This comeback, ehThe product is also newly edited and the book cover design is more personal and youthful.

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With this work, writer Nguyen Viet Ha commented: “The Vietnamese detective literature has inherently affirmed its identity. With “Club No. 7”, that conviction is even clearer. A young romantic novel full of thrills, written under a theme that is quite strange to me. “

Besides warning about the problems of modern life and the spiritual degradation of people, the work also sends messages about empathy and love in an imperfect world.

The emotional line in the story is like a cool stream of water interspersed between moments of intense investigation and confrontation, but it is not separate but closely related to the story’s development. This is also one of the reasons why the book won the hearts of readers, thanks to the harmonious combination of criminal and investigative elements with romance.

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