Do not abstain from austerity

Pragna Pandav Katariya is 29 years old this year. She considers herself to be quite lazy and rarely participates in physical activities. For many years, Katariya felt that her weight was not a big deal. However, during a picnic with her husband, she could not walk continuously even for 10 minutes. This left her in shock.

Then, Katariya decided she needed to do something to change herself, and she decided to lose weight.

The secret to losing 21 kg in 10 months of a 29-year-old girl: No austerity - 1

Before and after photos of Katariya’s weight loss.

Below is Katariya’s share about her journey to lose 21kg in 10 months.

I often joke that exercise is not made for me. I used to hate walking and didn’t want to move at all.

Besides, I am addicted to fast food, which makes my weight become more and more out of control. I’ve struggled with my weight since I started high school. The more sedentary I gained, and the more I put on weight, the more I hated having to move my heavy body.

Like that, I gradually got used to and comfortable with my current lifestyle and weight, until one day I went on a trip with my husband and friends. It was shocking that I couldn’t walk even for 10 minutes, and I was 29 years old at the time.

All of our friends made it to the finish line, and my husband only had to stay with me because I couldn’t walk to the finish line. At that time, I felt very bad. That could be considered a turning point in my life. I realized how unhealthy my body and lifestyle had become.

And so, I rolled up my sleeves and decided to hit the gym. My goal is not to lose weight, but to have a fit body, strong enough to walk, and run like a free bird. In short, I want to enjoy my life to the fullest.

To start my personal transformation, I cut my snacking and prepackaged foods by 50% and started walking slowly for 15 minutes.

Unexpectedly, just 15 minutes of walking and reducing junk food had a positive effect on my body. My weight started to drop, my strength and stamina increased, and my cravings for snacks went down.

In the second month, I developed a balanced eating plan as required by my body, including all food groups. I don’t cut any food out of my diet, I jog and do yoga for 30 minutes every day. Gradually, I began to notice noticeable changes in my appearance and stamina.

The secret to losing 21 kg in 10 months of a 29-year-old girl: No austerity - 2

Katariya’s appearance changes over time.

From the third month, I added jumping rope and 60 minutes of gym to my workout schedule. I realized that I really enjoy being active and excited about my new healthy lifestyle.

I love that I can be more active each week and do it in a way I never thought I could. People around me also couldn’t believe that the girl who couldn’t walk for 15 minutes could now jog for hours.

As for the diet, I built a menu that included protein-rich foods at each meal, learning to eat slowly and chew each bite. Honestly, I don’t skip any dishes. Life is about balance. I ate everything from biscuits to cheese, rice, potatoes, mango – things that are not usually recommended on a weight loss menu.

I think, there is no magic food that can make you lose or gain weight. All you need to do is pay attention to your food intake and physical activity. Rapid weight loss regimens are often ineffective in the long run. In addition, I drink 4 liters of water every day.

Persevering like that, I succeeded in losing 21kg in just 10 months. I want to inspire all women about building a healthy eating habit and exercising daily.

The secret to losing 21 kg in 10 months of a 29-year-old girl: No austerity - 3

Katariya now possesses a healthy, energetic body.

My Future Goal: My next goal is to inspire women to adopt healthy eating habits and daily exercise for a healthy body, not a slim body. skinny figure.

Now, as a nutritionist, I want to raise awareness among women about the importance of eating healthy, not eating less or fasting to lose weight. Stay away from outdated strict diets and quick ways to lose weight that can be harmful to your health“.

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