Electronic office – Digital office of businesses

E-office is increasingly trusted by businesses

Electronic office is an integrated platform of applications for management and administration of work, projects, processes, information exchange, creation and management of documents, documents, forms, reports. reports, work schedules, personnel, vehicle management, internal communication, digital signatures, periodical reports… in order to digitize activities in the enterprise. With the goal of building a “digital office”, the e-office has helped employees effectively handle tasks, retrieve text information and documents, anytime, anywhere (including on mobile phones). , smart reminder utilities and thereby ensure the progress of the work.

With a series of difficulties when businesses operate in the traditional way:

Too much work, so managing and tracking each item is very difficult, Social applications have messed up when there is too much redundant information. Records and documents have been stored for a long time, finding them will certainly be very difficult, not to mention records when stored for a long time will be very easy to lose and misplace. In state-owned enterprises, the meeting is a lot, so each time the registration department wants to register, it has to be very difficult to find out if there is a registration schedule at that time frame or not. Forgetting work, missing deadlines is an obvious thing that happens in companies today, when most of the work is assigned by bosses via zalo, viber or email, drifting is inevitable. Work exchange is an indispensable thing in businesses, most companies will use social applications to exchange, but to store and search will be very difficult.

And there are many other difficulties that businesses are facing.

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Online Office – Today’s popular digital transformation solution

Online Office software with more than 17 years of experience in the field of providing business application solutions and successfully deployed by more than 3,550 businesses, Online Office is confident to be a popular solution for businesses. With the trend of operating businesses remotely, Online Office has integrated more than 20 features in one screen such as:

Work management: Work is managed intelligently, reminding each job’s deadline to help detect bottlenecks in the work process; Alert and measure the delay of each job, keep track of processing history, exchange, update progress in real time; Automatically arrange work in order of priority, specific KPI evaluation statistics.

Document and document management: Integrating 50 document management operations, receiving and retrieving documents anytime, anywhere on mobile App, improved text search feature with voice search capability , arranged systematically, intuitively.

Meeting schedule management: Reminding and displaying details of meeting schedules 1 week, reminding via app 60 minutes in advance to avoid forgetting meeting schedules, digitizing relevant records to schedule meetings before meetings.

Project management: Arrange projects according to the standards of each enterprise, help the head of the department to manage science, show the progress of each project according to the work items.

Digital signature: Electronic signature in every business is a trend, because of its convenience. Online Office’s digital signature is also a signature approval solution that is being highly appreciated by customers.

App Mobile: Designed with a friendly interface, easy to use, including an app.

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With diverse services such as monthly rental or purchase of products, after-sales service programming according to the requirements of each business. With 1 million/month to own 11 functions (modules), the software works 24/24 on safe Cloud, fast access speed, free updates to all features developed later. Online Office is an ideal choice for companies that are in the process of business digital transformation.

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