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“Gift of Health” – A promise of full love from you to your loved ones

Financial security for the family

Covid-19 has demonstrated the fact that modern diseases such as diabetes or cancer have a strong tendency to rejuvenate. Many young people, when infected with Covid-19, also have other underlying medical conditions, due to more dangerous complications than usual.

This rejuvenation also leads to a longer treatment time and an increase in treatment costs for modern diseases. This shows the danger that is threatening the main workforce in the near future, affecting not only families but also businesses.

In this context, new generation life insurance products that integrate financial support benefits related to hospitalization, surgery, cancer and diabetes are a top choice. Because these products are not only designed with the purpose of taking care of the health of the breadwinner and relatives, but also preserving financial resources for the whole family.

Supports the treatment of diabetes and cancer

BIDV MetLife’s Health Gift is a pioneering product in the life insurance market today that covers treatment costs for Type-2 Diabetes (with a payout of up to VND 150 million), and at the same time, supports Help treat cancer at an early stage.

Along with that, Gift of Health also supports hospital stays and costs for 124 types of surgery with a payout of up to 500 million VND. Customers will also receive an attractive contract maintenance bonus every 5 years, and enjoy a safe and effective interest rate from the Universal Fund.

Imagine a case like this:

Mr. Nam, 35 years old, participates in the Gift of Health insurance product package with a 30-year insurance term, basic benefits with an insurance amount of VND 1 billion and ancillary products Support for hospital fees and surgery costs 1 million dong. Mr. Nam pays an annual fee of 36 million VND (equivalent to about 3 million VND/month), the payment term is equal to the insurance term.

In the unfortunate case, due to illness or accident, that he is hospitalized for surgery, Mr. Nam will be supported with hospital expenses of 1 million VND/day and can receive up to 25 million VND in support of surgery costs for each time.

In the case of type-2 diabetes, Mr. Nam immediately received 150 million VND for treatment and rehabilitation.

In the unfortunate case of early stage cancer, Mr. Nam will receive an amount of VND 500 million per day to treat cancer during this period, and BIDV MetLife will support an additional VND 2 million/day of hospital stay. In addition, Mr. Nam is exempted from paying premiums for 3 years from the date of diagnosis of early stage cancer, helping him and his family focus on treatment and rehabilitation.

In case the cancer turns to a late stage, BIDV MetLife will pay another 500 million for Mr. Nam to continue fighting with the serious disease.

In case he does not face any risks related to death and cancer, Mr. Nam can withdraw 200 million VND to spend for himself or his family at the time of retirement (60 years old) and receive 2 billion dong when the contract expires at the age of 65.

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The table illustrates the benefits of the “Health Gift” insurance product

With these outstanding advantages, BIDV MetLife’s “Health Gift” is also a preeminent solution for businesses to “retain talented people” through solutions to protect the health of key employees. literary and effective.

You promise to always hold your child’s hand until adulthood? You promise to live to the fullest every morning when you wake up? You promise to grow old together with the person you love the most? You promise to return home after long trips?… More than a life insurance product, BIDV MetLife’s “Health Gift” is a gift you give to yourself and your loved ones, as a promise of love. most complete!

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