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Hai Phong: Suspected 2-year-old child being abused at a special education center

After receiving the child from the owner of the School of Children’s Smile (Kien An, Hai Phong), he saw many red wounds on the head, neck, ears…. suspected that he was abused in the classroom. Tran TQM’s family made a petition for help.

According to reflection from the family of Tran TQM, SN 2019 (Cuu Vien Urban Area, Kien An, Hai Phong), around 4 pm on May 19, QM was given the name of the school owner, Nguyen Thi Dung, the director of the Center for Young Smiles. poetry (Hoa Binh, Tran Thanh Ngo, Kien An, Hai Phong) brought him back and exchanged on his head, his ear area had many wounds. Ms. Dung also presented, maybe she was pushed by naughty friends, so she had the above injury and asked her family to take her to the doctor to see if there was any problem so that she could have a basis to clarify the case at her center. .

Hai Phong: Suspicion of a 2-year-old child being abused at a special education center - 1

QM’s family suspects the injuries on her head caused by teacher Linh’s abuse

Right after that, QM’s mother called her grandmother to help take her son to the doctor.

Through examination and listening to the family’s presentation, the doctor advised the family to have a CT scan to give the most accurate results of the extent of the injury to the head and neck of the child. Concerned that QM’s health was too weak to endure after anesthesia (helping her lie still for scans), she was panicking, so her family asked for her to be monitored.

According to Mrs. Vuong TN (the baby’s grandmother), on the afternoon of May 19, when she saw her return to take her to the doctor, baby QM rushed to hug her, cowering in fear and panic. I had a feeling that something was wrong at school and told my grandfather to go to school to work, and I took him to the doctor.

Worried about him, QM’s grandfather and grandfather rushed to the School of Baby Smile and asked to extract the camera of his classroom. According to the camera extract, from 15:10 to 15:21, baby QM was in the classroom WC with her foster aunt named Linh. Sometimes QM’s cry makes a teacher named Trang who is managing the children outside to look at the door of the room. At about 3:22 p.m. the door of the classroom WC opened, Ms. Linh pushed QM out with only a T-shirt and was welcomed by Ms. Trang. Seeing the teacher, baby QM cringed and couldn’t walk, so Ms. Trang dragged her child on the floor, put him in a chair and changed clothes. Baby QM continued to cry incessantly.

Reviewing the scene above, QM’s family thought that it was possible that the baby was “attacked” right in the toilet, so when he went out, he was so scared. The family asked the two teachers and the school owner to have a clear answer for the family.

On the morning of May 20, at QM’s grandmother’s family, teacher Trang (who and Ms. Linh managed the class that QM attended) confirmed that while QM was in the WC room, she heard the teacher’s beating sound. Linh for baby QM made him cry and scream for a long time. However, when QM was beaten with something, Ms. Trang could not know because the door of the toilet was locked.

On the part of Ms. Linh, she refused to admit that she beat QM’s grandson and always seemed uncooperative with the school owner and QM’s family.

Hai Phong: Suspicion of a 2-year-old child being abused at a special education center - 3

The owner of the School of Children’s Smile has made an application to the Kien An district police agency to intervene and clarify the case

At the Special Education Center for Children’s Smile, Ms. Nguyen Thi Dung – the director of the center admitted that the mistake was first of all her own for letting the above incident happen at the center under her management.

Regarding the verification of the injuries on the head and neck of baby QM, Ms. Dung said that it is necessary to clarify so that the child himself is protected, and the school also bases on which to verify which teacher abused the child. for directions.

According to Ms. Dung, normally, QM only goes to school every morning and comes home to her grandmother to sleep at noon. However, on the afternoon of May 19, baby QM stayed in class and took a nap. That day, when QM slept, Ms. Dung also went down to check and take pictures of her sleeping soundly and send them to QM’s mother. At 2:30 p.m., QM woke up and went to the bathroom, so she was picked up by Ms. Trang from the classroom (2nd floor). Group study (3rd floor) assigned Ms. Linh to do the cleaning for her. At around 4:00 p.m., hearing some teachers report on QM’s situation, Ms. Dung ran down to check and found that there were many red vertical marks on her head with red scratches around her ears.

‘At first, thinking that he and his classmate were pushing each other and creating an injury, I applied ice to him. After that, when I watched the camera with my family and heard her crying in the toilet and being dragged on the floor… then I had a hunch that she might have been abused, which is why she was injured like that. I also campaigned and persuaded Ms. Linh to tell the truth, but she still refused to tell. Ms. Trang herself also confessed to her family that QM heard her being beaten in it. To clarify this, I made an application to the police agency to clarify the matter,” said Ms. Nguyen Thi Dung.

According to Ms. Dung, the center has 10 teachers, including 5 special education teachers for children and 5 foster parents, including Ms. Trang and Ms. Linh. Particularly, Ms. Linh is the oldest and has just been admitted to a trial job from the beginning of May 2022.

“Until now, QM still hasn’t stopped panicking, hasn’t slept deeply, different from the previous hyperactive state,” said QM’s grandmother sadly.

Regarding this incident, this afternoon (May 24), the Kien An district police agency invited QM’s family and the Child Smile Center to work.

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