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Ho Chi Minh City has Vietlott winning more than 37 billion VND

Ho Chi Minh City has Vietlott winning tens of billions of dong - Photo 1.

At the end of May 25, the Vietnam Computer Lottery Company (Vietlott) announced that at the afternoon draw of the same day, there was a Mega 6/45 ticket that won a Jackpot prize worth VND 37.3 billion.

The winning Mega 6/45 lottery ticket has 6 pairs of numbers that match the Jackpot result 19-26-27-39-44-45. This ticket is sold at a Vietlott point of sale in Ho Chi Minh City.

Previously, at the draw on May 14, the market also recorded Vietlott’s Power 6/55 lottery ticket with 2 tickets winning the Jackpot 2 prize worth 4.6 billion VND and both of these tickets were issued. operating in Ho Chi Minh City. Because the two winning tickets have the same face value, according to the regulations, the value of the Jackpot 2 prize must be divided in half. Accordingly, each ticket won 2.3 billion VND.

Particularly for the May 23 draw, the Max3D+ lottery ticket of Vietlott has a special winning ticket worth 1 billion VND also in Ho Chi Minh City.

Thus, within 10 days, in Ho Chi Minh City, there were 4 winning tickets for Jackpot and special prizes of different types of lottery tickets issued by Vietlott; In which, there are 3 Jackpot winning tickets with a total amount of 39.6 billion VND, 1 ticket winning a special prize of 1 billion VND.

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