Honda CR-V 2023 revealed design images before launch

Through the revealed images, it can be seen that the design of the Honda CR-V North American version has undergone many changes in the exterior. Prominent at the front of the car is the redesigned LED headlight cluster that is thinner and sharper with LED daytime running lights located above.

The Japanese automaker has also equipped the CR-V 2023 with a larger and more prominent grille, finished in glossy black while the lower air intakes have silver visors. The shape and curves of the front fender are also quite different from the current version.

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Honda CR-V North American version has just appeared

The rear of the car has also brought a new look that is unmistakable with the old version. The L-shaped taillights extending to the D-pillars remain the same, they have now been more refined and the LED graphic design has been revised for a sportier style. In addition, other details of the new CR-V are also more eye-catching, including: Fake silver exhaust pipes and different rear doors.

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The rear of the car stands out with a new LED taillight cluster that is more personal.

Before these leaked images of the Honda CR-V, earlier this month, images of a new version of this model for the Chinese market also appeared. The Chinese version of the 2023 CR-V looks virtually identical to the North American version, and only minor trim changes will help distinguish the Chinese model from the North American model, as well as those manufactured by the Chinese model. sold in other markets, including Europe and Australia.

Honda North America has not confirmed all the details about the 2023 CR-V, other than sharing in a press release that it will feature “greater versatility” and an “advanced hybrid system for a sportier driving experience with more possibilities.” And the leaked photos this time are just the version equipped with the hybrid powertrain.

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The Hybrid version of the CR-V 2023 is promised to have a better driving feeling.

It is not clear what changes Honda has made to the current CR-V hybrid system. In the US, however, the SUV’s current hybrid system combines a 2.0-liter naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine with an electric motor. And only on the AWD (four-wheel drive) version, the CVT automatic transmission and production of 212 horsepower.

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