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‘How to make people feel they have to learn, want to learn, and learn’

In order to implement the Project “Building a learning society in the period of 2021 – 2030”, recently (May 24), the Vietnam Study Promotion Association collaborated with the Central Propaganda Department, the Ministry of Education and Training to organize the Association. National workshop with the theme: “Improving the quality of human resources, especially local human resources through the implementation of learning models”.

Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam, Head of the Central Propaganda Department Nguyen Trong Nghia, President of the Vietnam Association for Study Promotion Nguyen Thi Doan and delegates from 63 provinces attended the workshop.

Learning Citizens and Learning Facility

Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Doan – President of the Vietnam Association for Study Promotion affirmed that improving the quality of human resources was identified by our Party as one of the three strategic breakthroughs to realize the national development goals from the Congress. Sixth National Party to date.

Looking back throughout the country’s history, people have always been placed in the central position, the key to development, as President Ho Chi Minh once said: “the human issue is the top issue”. However, despite special attention, high-quality human resources have not yet met the development needs of the country. The targets to be achieved on high-quality human resources have barely achieved the set targets.

The problem for our country in the coming time is: The capital given by nature has gradually exhausted, the ODA capital will gradually decrease when we enter the group of developed countries. The remaining most valuable asset is human resources. Vietnamese people are smart – creative – industrious” but are aging fast. In fact, difficulties in technology, infrastructure, environment, etc. will be solved if we know how to use and build up the capital that is an abundant and intelligent human force – capable people to make the country develop, realize the goals set out by the XIII Congress until 2050.

In order to realize the goal of improving the quality of human resources, the Government assigned the Vietnam Study Promotion Association to develop a set of criteria “Citizens to study” and apply it nationwide. this criterion. Specifically, the evaluation criteria “Study Citizens” should be achieved include: Self-study capacity, lifelong learning; Ability to use learning and working tools and Capacity to build and implement each social relationship.

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Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Doan – President of the Vietnam Association for Study Promotion speaks at the conference

Dr. Tran Quang Huy – Academy of Science, Technology and Innovation said that a university is an organization with a mission to create and transfer knowledge to society through its teaching activities. innovation to meet the requirements of building high-quality human resources. Although it is an organization with a lot of knowledge-related work characteristics and very good knowledge acquisition, the application of knowledge in practice is still not effective.

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Conference to discuss improving the quality of human resources through learning models

With the goal of promoting the learning process of the organization so that it can make the most of the school’s intellectual resources, Dr. Tran Quang Huy proposed a number of solutions to improve the quality of organizational learning in universities in Vietnam:

– Pay attention to developing knowledge resources when building university development orientations. This goal of developing this knowledge resource needs to be highly agreed upon by the leadership team as well as widely communicated to the faculty in order to soon develop the school into an effective learning organization.

– Renovating human resource management system according to enterprise approach (recruitment, training, salary payment, …) on the basis of human resource management system of public non-business units will help improve operational results through the organizational learning process.

– Build a working environment and encourage knowledge sharing by developing a learning culture, facilitating knowledge acquisition and information interpretation, and knowledge retention.

– Continuing policies to develop university lecturers’ capacity according to international standards to create a synchronism of competencies and enhance their applicability to the actual operation of the university through the learning process of the university. organization.

“How do people have to learn, love to learn, and learn”

After listening to opinions at the Workshop, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam affirmed that this is an important activity to implement Decision 1373/QD-TTg. The Deputy Prime Minister requested the Ministry of Education and Training to seriously absorb the contributions of the leaders of the Propaganda Department and the Study Promotion Association in order to well implement educational reform.

Innovation is a process that people care about, there are many difficulties, unlike other industries, it takes a long time to see results. But the important thing is that our studies are consistent and true to the world trend, so we must be consistent and persistent in implementation.

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Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam speaks at the Conference

“On the part of the State, the Party, and mass organizations, they must make people feel that they must “study”. People feel that they must study. Each unit feels that they must learn. Although it sounds very obvious, it is not simple, it is necessary to strengthen propaganda. To spread awareness about the need for self-study, to make people realize that if they don’t study, they may be fired and have to leave their working positions.It is easier for businesses, but difficult for the system. system of educational institutions In short, everyone and every unit must learn.

Must learn, but it is just necessary, enough for people to see themselves interested in learning. This is still a lot of unfinished business. Advocacy movements are also a solution, but most importantly, we must do a better job of honoring good people in society. Create conditions for broad learners to have the opportunity to contribute to society. Must create purpose to be passionate about learning: learning to work, to earn a living, to live together, to assert oneself, to learn to contribute to making the world a better place.

Finally, have to learn, like to learn, then how to learn. This is the responsibility of the ministries, departments, how to make the education system really “open”. Mechanistic entanglements must be quickly removed by ministries, so as not to inhibit the learning process. State agencies and enterprises create favorable conditions for workers and employees to continue learning. In particular, attention must be paid to those in a disadvantaged position in society such as people with disabilities and disadvantaged ethnic minorities, so that all have the opportunity to study,” said Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam.

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