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I ignore you, go with you!

The rare incident “a married man takes his girlfriend to watch football” is family, relatives discovered when the image of the two accidentally appeared on television, causing a stir in the community in the past two days. Among tens of thousands of fans in the 31st SEA Games men’s soccer final, unexpectedly, the enthusiastic “zoom” camera of the couple stood out in black.

Soon after, the couple “lighted up” the internet with the suspicion of having an illicit relationship. On social media, the guy in the picture has a wife, takes the “13th child” to watch football.

From the story of the minor being discovered because he went to watch football: Dad ignored me, went with you!  - first

The image of the couple going to the stadium to watch football was spread on social networks because of the suspicion of an extramarital relationship (Screenshot).

On social networks, the question of the couple “having an affair” on television received too much discussion because of the special situation, some people called this an “accident”, “incident”, some people even whispered for the couple. double “unlucky number”.

However, when reading this information, Ms. Dau Hong Anh, 42 years old, working at a bank in District 5, Ho Chi Minh City has different perspectives and feelings from many people. What she thinks about the most about the incident is what happened to show that the extramarital relationship of a married man is not uncommon.

The incident reminded the female banker of her story, who is also a good wife husband of adultery. Hong Anh shared on her personal page:

“At that time, important days in the family such as weekends and holidays were mainly attended by mothers and children, my husband always complained that he could not attend. Many times, the family had plans to travel, After returning home, it also broke down, mother and daughter went by themselves because he “canceled the deal” at the last minute, even once he left first because “there is something important”.

Not only that, even the daily chores such as picking up children, tutoring children in school… he also used busy excuses, leaving everything to his wife.

One night, I discovered that my husband was dating a 26-year-old girl, which was also thrilling, no less the suspicion of “adultery on television” at all.

That time, my daughter’s 11th birthday, coincided with the time when she achieved good academic results, so my husband and I celebrated it quite magnificently.

However, that very morning, my husband reported that he had an unexpected business trip to the province, he expressed his regret and sorrow because he could not attend his child’s birthday, and made an appointment to make up for the child’s birthday. I was in a hurry to prepare for my husband to go…

That night, after my daughter’s birthday, I video call and chat with baby Minh Khue, a close friend who is traveling in Da Nang could not attend. Baby Minh Khue is eating and drinking at a hotel, she shows her phone camera around to introduce to my child where she is staying, she also constantly takes pictures around to send to…

When looking at the pictures you sent over, my child shouted: “Mom, this dad!”. I took it to see, can you believe it, the angles of the photos are not direct, but I can still easily recognize my husband sitting at the hotel dining table, hugging a young girl… When I believed my eyes , I tried to hide my daughter but couldn’t.

From the story of the minor being discovered because he went to watch football: Dad ignored me, went with you!  - 2

Ms. Hong Anh discovered her husband was having an affair from a photo taken by a friend of her child (Artwork).

At that moment, I sent those pictures over to him. He hid and disappeared for nearly half a month, then came back and begged to explain, sorry that he was foolish, that he was molested, and blamed his wife for this and that. And also said my number is black…

I was shocked, and my son was devastated, he dropped out of school for a week before he recovered.

After half a year, many attempts to heal were unsuccessful, could not accept that he cheated on me, cheated on our children, we divorced.“.

Generous to you, stingy to your wife

One thing Hong Anh realized, many men like her husband are very generous to outsiders but extremely meticulous, calculating and stingy with their wives and children. Her husband spends only a few million dong a month for the family, but he always criticizes his wife for being wasteful. Going out to eat, shop, or other expenses, he… gives up all of her. Wherever he went to play or shop, to fix anything, he also said it was a waste of money and waste.

But out there, he generously spends money, time and energy to provide “small tam” with luxurious trips, branded goods, monthly spending money, things that should have belonged to his mother. sister’s child.

From the story of the minor being discovered because he went to watch football: Dad ignored me, went with you!  - 3

Adultery entails many family tragedies (Artwork).

Ms. Hong Anh said that adultery, especially the “married man – minor tam” relationship is moral corruption, showing a loose lifestyle that hurts many people.

Adultery is a painful problem that leads to many tragedies in the family. There are many cases of husband and wife killing each other or people losing their lives, prisoners stemming from the fact that the spouses have an extramarital relationship. Adultery is also one of the causes of family breakdown, divorce of husband and wife, separation of children, absence of father and mother…

Rare situations like a few seconds on television, a picture like in Hong Anh’s story partly reflects the picture of the family, a loose lifestyle, and moral corruption. There, men who are husbands and fathers are sowing pain not only to the wife but also to the lives of their children; young girls trample on their personality when “enjoying” someone else’s husband, another child’s father as well as selling their own future.

A survey on extramarital sex by the Social Development Research Institute not long ago showed that up to 43% of men surveyed said “have a mistress”, many of whom are still proud when they have a girlfriend. “second room”.

Somewhere, there is still the notion that “man in love” is a common thing, but it has not been discovered. Like the situation where the guy led “tieu tam” to watch football on television, many people joked “just black, forget about red” is really a compromise for a loose lifestyle.

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