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I want to be an example for my son

Recently, Miss Hoang Dung revealed that she had just passed the entrance exam and became a PhD student in Banking and Finance. In order to pass this exam and become one of 10 PhD students, right from the preparation of the application, it is extremely strict with the requirements for degrees, foreign language diagrams, quality of topics and presentations. topic.

To prepare for her PhD plan, the beauty has put aside a lot of entertainment activities as well as business. Hoang Dung also aims to complete his PhD within 2 years.

Miss Hoang Dung studied for a doctorate: I want to be an example for my son - Photo 1.

Hoang Dung shared: “First, the purpose I study is for myself. I want to study science so that I can be ‘richer’ intellectually. For me, learning is never enough, even when we reach the end of our lives. life.

Second, I want to be a good example and inspire my son. From my actions, children will understand and be more aware of the need to constantly learn to improve their knowledge.

And finally, I also want to inspire society, especially women. In today’s modern life, there are more and more talented women who know how to balance work and family. I hope my work will be more or less known to the audience and they will have more motivation to strive in life.”.

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With a PhD training course, Hoang Dung will put her name on the list of rare beauties of showbiz with high education. In the history of Vietnamese beauty contests, the number of beauties with a doctorate degree is quite small, including Miss Vietnam Nguyen Dieu Hoa with a PhD, a Master of Business Administration at the Institute of Technology. Asia Thailand.


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