In court to testify, the studio’s president accused Amber Heard of lying

At the invitation of Johnny Depp, the head of DC Films went to court to testify and confirm that Amber Heard was almost removed from the second film by the studio. Aquaman. However, this is not due to the lawsuit against Depp but because she and co-star Jason Momoa lack the “chemistry” that an on-screen couple must have.

“They were able to make that relationship work in the first part of the movie, but we were worried they had to work very hard to get there,” said Walter Hamada. According to him, the emotional effect that the film creates is mainly based on “cinematic magic”, or techniques in the post-production process.

Amber Heard still retains the role in Aquaman 2 but only appeared for less than 10 minutes. The film does not prioritize the love story between her character (Princess Mera) and the superhero Aquaman (Jason Momoa) but focuses on Aquaman’s love for her half-brother.

Regarding the fact that Amber Heard could not negotiate the salary from 2 million USD to 6 million USD, Walter said that the actress signed a contract of 1 million USD for the first season and two million USD for the second part. With the executive. at DC Films, the actor could not adjust the cast differently from the original agreement.

In court to testify, the studio's president accused Amber Heard of lying - 1

Amber Heard and her co-star were criticized for their poor interaction in the movie “Aquaman 2”.

Last week, in court, Amber Heard accused Johnny Depp of smearing her honor, causing her career to plunge, and being cut off by DC. Aquaman 2. A witness said she lost 45-50 million USD over the past 5 years due to the post-divorce scandal.

Recently, Amber Heard’s side accidentally revealed the content Aquaman 2. Kathryn Arnold, an entertainment industry expert, said that in the original script, Amber Heard’s character was injured and involved children. According to the comics, Mera and Aquaman have a son, Aquababy, while in the movie, the two are not married. Many people think that this could be a new development in the sequel to the movie.

During the ongoing trial, Johnny Depp sued Amber Heard for defamation, seeking $50 million in damages for an article in which she described herself as a victim of domestic violence. Amber did not mention Johnny Depp by name, but he claims his reputation and career were severely damaged after the article was published. Depp denies all allegations of beating his ex-wife and is trying to prove Amber lied and made up stories. The actor claimed that he was the victim of abuse by his ex-wife. And Amber Heard counter-sued Johnny Depp for defamation, demanding $100 million in compensation.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s marriage was short-lived. They married in 2015 and divorced a year later.

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