‘Indonesia is being left too far behind by Vietnam and Thailand’

Bringing to SEA Games 31 an extremely quality squad with many names playing abroad, U23 Indonesia Aim very high is the championship. However, “Garuda” only ended the tournament with a bronze medal after receiving 0-1 defeat against Thailand U23 in the semi-finals.

Of course, this result cannot satisfy the fans as well as the Indonesian football fans. Since 1991, the “Land of Ten Thousand Islands” team has not once touched the gold medal Sea Games. Evaluating this, the former Indonesian national team goalkeeper shared:

“Indonesian football has lagged behind Vietnam and Thailand. It’s a comparison in terms of training, facilities and competition environment. These three factors have become obstacles and are rarely recognized by related organizations. related to Indonesian football, especially the federation and the majority of clubs in Indonesia.

SEA expert: Indonesia is being far behind Vietnam and Thailand - Photo 1.

U23 Indonesia only got a bronze medal at SEA Games 31

In fact, in terms of talent and basic playing skills, Indonesia is quite good. That is why when meeting an opponent of the same level, Indonesia proved to be dominant. But when it comes to better teams, we’re all far behind. We can hardly do much. Moreover, since the national championship, Indonesian clubs focus more on the pursuit of achievements but forget about coaching and investing in training young people.”

At SEA Games 31, U23 Indonesia played 6 matches, won 3 victories. The three victories of “Garuda” were all against weaker opponents, East Timor, Philippines and Myanmar. However, before two strong teams, U23 Vietnam and Thailand, Indonesia both had to admit defeat.

Since 1991, Indonesian football has not been able to win one more gold medal at the SEA Games arena. Hanafing is the goalkeeper of the Indonesian national team in the last SEA Games championship. Despite being a legendary goalkeeper, Hanafing was originally a winger.

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