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Instead of eating and sleeping, many people “hide out”, choosing a different lifestyle

Lunch break right at the office people often think of: On time, everyone rummaged through the bags of prepared rice, warmed up and ate quickly, and took advantage of a little more sleep. Or other than that, office sisters invite each other to the restaurant for lunch next to the company, while eating and chatting. Sometimes, after eating, I go back to my room and wait until it’s time to go to work, sometimes I go to add a monk to find a nearby coffee shop to talk comfortably.

However, it seems that this familiar and somewhat faded scene has long disappeared from all companies going to work during office hours, now office ladies tend to get excited when it’s time to take a lunch break. disappeared” without a trace, try to decipher what the new lunch habit of working women is.

Make the most of your lunch break to work NAIL, BEAUTY?

First, the nail trend is enthusiastically promoted by the sister association. The hobby of cleaning the skin, painting the nails is old, but the demand for nail art has also exploded in recent years. Taking advantage of the lunch break to visit the nail spa comes from being lazy at home to do it yourself, but after work, I still take care of my family, to sit and pay a deposit for an hour at the nail salon without being impatient about rice. At home, there are only breaks between shifts. Moreover, nail art is now invested, creative and trend-setting such as producing clothes and accessories… so women are passionate about beautiful nails but sacrifice a nap.

In addition to saving time and satisfying beauty needs, giving yourself something new, clean, and beautiful is also an extremely effective stress-relieving activity.

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The sisters now make the most of their free time to take care of themselves – Photo: @littlenail.93s

Some people go to wash their hair, take a nap at the shop, still prefer it than a projection at the OFFICE

This is a recent relaxing activity that is loved by many office ladies. A couple of things, take advantage of the time you wash your hair to take a relaxing nap instead of lying lazily at the office. Herbal shampoo is a natural hair care method through ingredients, herbs, and remedies that are completely natural, without chemicals. At the same time, you will receive a relaxing massage of the neck, shoulders, back, hands, and back in addition to a facial and scalp massage.

This form of hair washing is also considered to be an effective beauty and mental health care. In particular, for everyday office workers who face a lot of pressure, constant deadlines and have to sit in the same place with a computer screen, these forms of stress relief are extremely necessary.

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Artwork:, @lylychuu, @cothomspa

Modern women now not only bury their heads in work all day long, but they always know how to balance their lives with the motto that if you have a job, you must enjoy it. Women are looking for affordable and convenient relaxation solutions that can be done regularly such as going to the spa to wash their hair with herbs more and more and gradually becoming a new habit.


When you’ve been sitting at the office since morning, lunch break is a time for you to go out for a breath of fresh air, clear your mind, and maybe a flood of ideas will come to you during these times. Instead of sitting at the office sipping coffee to wake up, meeting friends from other companies to go out together to explore a new coffee shop and talk about non-work related topics is a relaxing activity. The pressure is quite positive of the female union in the office now.

It is thanks to these activities that the definition of “office girl” is now completely changed, they are gradually more active, freeing themselves from the default office people associated with dull, boring adjectives. .

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Today, there are many women who are always trying to follow their passion. They just went to work in the office, but they also quickly grasped the business market and started an online shop for clothes, food, shoes, etc. Or to increase their income, to serve their needs. , different personal goals in life, they also accept freelance work for external projects.

Gone are the days when only men could do business and women were always stuck in the corner of the kitchen. Working women now less accepting of a stable life, they gradually have financial ambitions and become more proactive.

Office women now no longer have

Illustration: @nguyenlydiemmai

The trend of using an effective day is not too far away and is for those who are successful, self-employed anymore. Even though office workers sit and clack during office hours, they still know how to find activities to develop and improve their self-worth. out

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