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Johnny Depp’s behavior is consistent with domestic abuse

This is the comment of a psychologist present at the court hearing the case between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

Dr. David R. Spiegel was consulted by the legal team of Amber Heard subpoenaed at the trial of the defamation lawsuit between her and Johnny Depp as an expert witness. In it, this expert said that Johnny Depp’s behavior showed the characteristics of a wife abuser.

The first is about stimulant use. The expert said that the continuous use of stimulants is like “playing with fire” when talking about domestic violence.

“In my opinion, based on a review of the evidence, on my practical experience, my publishing experience and my teaching experience, Mr. Depp exhibits behaviors that are appropriate for people with substance abuse disorders. At the same time, he also has the behavior of a person who assaults his wife.” Psychologist Spiegel said.

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Before that, the court also discussed the star Pirates of the Caribbean used drugs and alcohol, sometimes simultaneously during bouts of intoxication. Dr Spiegel thinks this continued use can “harm” someone, affecting their behavior and memory. He also asserted that when a person experiences a coma from alcohol and drug abuse, it is “almost impossible to remember what happened the night before”.

Also during the trial, the expert pointed out that these signs of domestic violence are relationships in which one person is “jealous or suspicious”, “rapid and extreme mood swings”. ” and “have limited self-control”. “When our brains are working properly, most of us won’t show these things.”experts said.

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About Amber Heard’s testimony when affirming Johnny Depp aware of his violent behavior after sober, Dr. Spiegel analyzed: “It’s almost customary for the abuser to apologize after his or her behavior has allowed anger to flare up. There is a strong record of evidence that this started very early in the marriage. their people”.

However, throughout the days of the trial, Johnny Depp insisted many times that he had never abused Amber Heard or any woman. He also said that what prompted him to pursue the lawsuit was the “truth” and that he wished to get rid of the image “painted up” by newspapers calling him a “brute force”.

At the present time, the vast majority of the public is on Johnny Depp’s side. Meanwhile, Amber Heard’s image on social networking sites is getting worse and worse with a series of videos analyzing her expressions and actions allegedly “acting” in court.

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