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Male student arrested for stealing money from his father’s account

On May 24, news from Nhu Thanh District Police, Thanh Hoa Province said that this agency had prosecuted the case, prosecuted the accused, and detained Nguyen Dinh Tuan (SN 2002; living in Xuan Khang commune, Nhu Thanh district). ) to investigate and clarify the crime of “Theft of property”.

Male student arrested for stealing money from his father's account - Photo 1.

Nguyen Dinh Tuan at the police office

Previously, on March 2, the Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam (Agribank) Nhu Thanh district branch received a complaint from customer N.D.M. (living in Xuan Khang commune) about the fraudster appropriating the amount of 140 million dong in the account.

Mr. M. said that the above incident happened because the bank’s security system was not good, or there was the help of bank staff to let bad guys appropriate his assets. Although the bank explained it very carefully and asked him to check the family relationships to see if anyone had appropriated the money, Mr. M. did not believe it and asked the bank to compensate the above amount.

Immediately after the incident happened, Agribank Nhu Thanh district branch informed about the request of Nhu Thanh district police to investigate and clarify.

By professional measures, Nhu Thanh District Police determined that the amount of money in Mr. M’s account was transferred to a number of game accounts with addresses in Hoai Duc (Hanoi) and in Song Lo district, Vinh province. Phuc.

Determining that this is a high-tech crime, after many days of perseverance and coordination in tracking down clues, Nhu Thanh District Police had full documents and evidence to conclude that Nguyen Dinh Tuan (his biological son) M.) is a suspect of theft of 140 million VND.

At the police station, initially Nguyen Dinh Tuan (currently a student at a university in Hanoi) confessed that during the break against Covid-19 at home, Tuan knew about online gambling games. On the Internet, he took advantage of Mr. M’s loophole to get the password and then transfer 140 million VND to 2 accounts to participate in gambling.

Steal money After finishing his father’s work, Tuan erased all traces, so Mr. M. did not know why he lost his money, so he went to the bank to report.

Currently, the case is being investigated and clarified by Nhu Thanh District Police.

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