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Manager Ngoc Trinh corrected 11ha of land and confirmed that a deposit was made

Manager Ngoc Trinh said that the plot area is 1.1ha, not 11ha. This mistake was caused by Ngoc Trinh’s mistake, but later corrected.

Regarding the case Ngoc Trinh accused of “exploding” to buy 11ha of land in Bao Loc (Lam Dong), recently the manager of Tra Vinh – Minh Phuong – officially spoke out to explain everything.

Share with, This person confirmed that Ngoc Trinh’s purchase of land in Bao Loc was real. But the land area is 1.1ha, not 11ha. This confusion is because during a livestream, Ngoc Trinh accidentally said 11ha, but then the lingerie model corrected.

“When editing the video of Ngoc Trinh’s livestream, some places cut out Trinh’s correction about the correct area of ​​the land. The original is still available.“, said the manager.

Ngoc Trinh's manager corrected 11ha of land, confirmed to have paid a deposit-1
Ngoc Trinh checked-in at the land in the city. Bao Loc (Lam Dong).

The female manager also said that because she was busy with work, long legs Tra Vinh authorized her to buy and sell land.

“We have just completed the deposit procedure, have not yet reached the notarization and transfer stage, so we can’t find Ngoc Trinh’s name. It is obvious that the order of buying and selling real estate often has to go through several times of deposit and payment to the owner. new seller.

The final payment is the notarization and name transfer stage. We have not been buying this land for a long time, so we have not completed the purchase and sale procedures.

When the controversy broke out, I worked with the local government and provided a deposit to prove that Ngoc Trinh’s purchase of the land plot was real. The city has also sent a dispatch requesting the commune to inspect and measure the land plot. The commune recognized our land plot as 1.1 ha”, said the manager.

Manager Ngoc Trinh corrects 11ha of land, confirms deposit-2
Manager Ngoc Trinh (on the right) confirmed that he had deposited the above land lot.

Regarding the process of buying and selling land, after Ngoc Trinh agreed to buy, on April 3, Minh Phuong signed the first deposit for the seller. On May 3, the female manager makes the second payment and June 3 – when the final payment is reached, the two parties will notarize, transfer the name, and complete the transfer of the land lot.

The long buying and selling process is because the old owner of the plot promised to repair a few places before handing over. In order for the old owner to have time to do all of that, Ngoc Trinh’s side has extended the time to pay each installment 1 month apart.

As for the fact that authorities discovered illegal construction on the land, manager Ngoc Trinh confirmed that these two houses were built by the previous owner.

“I made a contract with the previous owner that in case they violate, forced to cancel the sale, they must compensate 2 times the deposit we paid.

We are still conducting business as usual. I have researched, learned that the land plot has been partially settled, the 2 available houses are rudimentary grade 4 houses, made of iron, like a small hut that is easy to disassemble. Many people here often build houses like this to guard the land.” this person added.

Manager Ngoc Trinh corrected 11ha of land, confirmed to have deposited-3
The manager said that Ngoc Trinh was in a hurry to show off her purchase of land on MXH even though her name was not changed, she did not think everything was so cluttered.

Before that, social networks stirred up information that Ngoc Trinh “unboxed” an 11-hectare plot of land in Lam Dong for homestay business. On her personal page, the long-legged born in 1989 also continuously posted photos of the land in alley 61, B’Lao Sre village, Dai Lao commune (Lam Dong).

Pages with content of real estate business appear to be flooded with information that Ngoc Trinh buys land for homestay business.

Noisy incident, May 19 on PoliceMr. Doan Kim Dinh – Chairman of the City People’s Committee. Bao Loc (Lam Dong) – said that through the inspection, no one named Tran Thi Ngoc Trinh (model Ngoc Trinh) owns 11 hectares of land in Dai Lao, making a homestay like the viral social network.

The model land of lingerie posted in alley 61, B’Lao Sre village, Dai Lao commune, this is not the land to build Ngoc Trinh’s homestay. In the documents related to land in this commune, there is no owner with the same name as model Ngoc Trinh.

Mr. Doan Kim Dinh also added, this is a trick the real estate industry often uses, with the help of famous people to inflate land prices, enticing people from other localities to buy land.

Manager Ngoc Trinh corrected 11ha of land, confirmed to have deposited-4
Ngoc Trinh posted a series of photos at the land in Bao Loc, Lam Dong.

Then on May 21, on Youth Online, Lam Dong Province’s Department of Information and Communications continued to say that it was clarifying evidence related to Ngoc Trinh lingerie model spreading false information about the purchase of 11 hectares of land in Bao Loc City (Lam Dong).

In addition, this agency is also recording information pages that post false information related to the above case.

On May 24, the city authorities. Bao Loc, Lam Dong province shared with Zingthe land Ngoc Trinh photographed and posted includes 2 plots with a total area of ​​1.1 ha and owned by Mrs. NTTN (living in Loc Chau commune, Bao Loc city), not Tran Thi Ngoc Trinh. or manager.

City interdisciplinary team Bao Loc inspected and recorded that there were 2 houses built without permission on the land. The inspection team of the City People’s Committee. Bao Loc has made a record to record the current status, after comparing with the cadastral data, it will propose to dismantle and restore the status quo according to regulations.

Ngoc Trinh's manager corrected 11ha of land, confirmed to have paid a deposit of -5
Ngoc Trinh.

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