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Mother-in-law “Love the sunny day” teaches her grandchildren very well

Although playing the role of terrible mothers-in-law in “Living with mother-in-law” and “Love the sunny day” so ecstatic that people hate artists, in real life People’s Artist Lan Huong is a mother-in-law. Grandma is very psychotic.

In the corner of being a grandmother, she has been a grandmother who knows how to play the role of children to understand them and allow them to do what they like without judgment or scolding.

The point of teaching you is very… good quality

In a story shared on the occasion of Tet in 2022, People’s Artist Lan Huong told her family that they always maintain wrapping banh chung on Tet as a habit. One more reason is for children (his grandchildren) to understand and practice about the traditional Tet. In addition, when the children learn to pack banh chung, the “grandmother’s” opinion is “The package is broken, it’s okay, looking at the little distorted banh chung made by the children’s hands, it’s very cute.”

I painted all over the house from the 1st floor to the 4th floor,

People’s Artist Lan Huong plays a terrible mother-in-law in “Love the sunny day”.

Another story is that there was a TV program that wanted to go to People’s Artist Lan Huong’s house to record Tet activities. Although the house at that time was not as neat as usual, not to mention the wall, the children painted from the 1st floor to the 4th floor looked very dirty, someone asked to repaint the wall to make it beautiful, People’s Artist Lan Huong decided to “keep it” the scene”.

The artist’s interpretation is: “The kids draw trees, mountains, letters A and O, put their hands on the wall and then draw. If they’re careful, they’ll have to repaint the walls to be clean to welcome Tet, but I don’t think it’s too stressful. To me, the pictures the children draw are very beautiful, and if I keep the wall clean, the kids won’t have room to be creative, so I’ll just leave the wall as it is.

The children being created on the wall with me is not pampering but what they deserve. Their childhood is only once, when they grow up later, they will no longer want to “stain” on the wall, then it’s not too late to repaint the wall.

A seemingly small detail, but from the point of view of People’s Artist Lan Huong, it shows that the artist is an extremely psychological grandmother with modern thought. The “not strict” with children shows that the artist has a tolerant view, looking with the eyes of children to understand them and create conditions for children to have space to promote their creativity and to do new things. what I like.

I painted all over the house from the 1st floor to the 4th floor,

In real life, when People’s Artist Lan Huong “entered a few” psychological grandmothers.

People’s Artist Lan Huong confided: “Your house is big and beautiful, mine is ugly and dirty because the kids smeared it on the wall, but I don’t mind that at all. It’s not good if the children can’t play if it’s clean. For me, it’s young. Children need space to play and have the right to play. They have the right to do whatever they want. Townhouses have limited space and even the walls can’t be painted anymore, they will be very disadvantaged. I can be ready to roll out the carpet so that the children can play without falling, but I never want to keep the children safe or leave the house uncluttered.”.

It turned out that even in the movie, she transformed herself into such a terrible mother-in-law; But in real life as a wife, mother, and grandmother, People’s Artist Lan Huong is very gentle, psychological and civilized like that. Thanks to that, perhaps everyone has to praise People’s Artist Lan Huong in real life as a “internal grandmother”. 1-cau-ma-ai-prover-praise-cach-day-do-20220510140613207.chn

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