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Nokia CEO: 6G network will be available in the market by 2030

Nokia CEO, Mr. Pekka Lundmark. Photo: Reuters.

Pekka Lundmark made the above observations and predictions during the Davos panel discussion titled “strategic outlook on the digital economy” on May 24.

“Right now, we’re all building 5G networks, but at a time when quantum computing is maturing for commercial applications, we’ll talk about 6G network“By then (around 2030) certainly the smartphone as we know it today will no longer be the most popular interface,” said Mr. Lundmark.

According to Mr. Lundmark, “the physical world and the digital world will grow together”. The end result could involve the user going into the VR world, flipping a switch or turning a dial, and changing something in the physical, real world.

Alphabet’s Chief Financial Officer Ruth Parlot predicts that soon people will be able to instantly translate conversations using augmented reality (AR). “You’ll be able to wear AR glasses and translate languages ​​as you speak,” said Ms. Parlot.

Nokia CEO: 6G network will be available in the market by 2030 - Photo 1.

There is no standard definition of 6G at this stage. New telecommunications networks started rolling out 5G in the commercial market in the US between late 2018 and early 2019.

The move to 6G will require even more compute resources, including networks that are hundreds, if not thousands, times faster than 5G, Lundmark said.

Experts describe the 6G network not only in terms of speed and faster response times, but also as a major shift in the network, driven by technological developments in quantum mechanics and artificial intelligence. .

In El País earlier this month, Marianna Obrist, professor of multi-sensory interfaces at University College London, said part of that shift would include interactive technologies that integrate other senses of the user. human, such as smell, taste, and touch into the user experience.

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