Picomat plastic board overcomes difficulties to reach the furniture market

Overcoming many challenges

Picomat is one of the first enterprises to produce and supply plastic boards for the furniture market. In the early days, the unit encountered many difficulties in the production process because of the lack of equipment, machinery, workers, techniques and raw materials. How to access clean, safe raw materials and take the initiative in raw materials to ensure the best product quality, these are the concerns that Picomat has to face.

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Not faltering in the face of difficulties, Picomat has created and improved plastic board products to bring to the market. Ms. Dao Thi Kim Oanh, General Director of Picomat Plastic Joint Stock Company said: In the years 2011 – 2012, plastic boards are a new product line and Vietnam’s supporting industry has not yet developed, so our company has encountered many problems. difficulties, especially in terms of raw materials and machinery. Technical machinery at that time was used to produce wood, so it could not be used for plastic materials, because it had many differences. It took us more than 6 months to test many different types to be able to choose the right line and machine to produce plastic boards. Not only looking for the right machine, but Picomat also created its own line of machines for producing fluorescent wings, also known as neoclassical kitchen cabinets, with a variety of colors from a collection of PVC colors and rich sizes.

It is known that not only machinery but also raw materials is also one of the big problems that Picomat has to face. Materials are not only suitable but must be safe: do not contain harmful substances such as lead and lead compounds, Cr6+…. At that time in Vietnam, plastic boards were new materials, so there were not many substances. additives suitable for production. Therefore, the unit had to try hundreds of additives to have the best product quality. More difficult when raw materials have to be imported mostly from abroad. Mr. H.D (Head of Import-Export Department at Picomat) shared: “It took me months and months of continuous work abroad to find a suitable additive supplier. As some suppliers meet the production criteria for Picomat plastic boards, we have to spend more time testing and evaluating quality to ensure safety criteria when putting them into production. To find Jowat glue, a special German glue with high stability, resistance to delamination and reduce the impact of the environment on Picomat plastic boards, we had to test more than 30 different types of glue.

There are even auxiliary products that Picomat has to self-research and manufacture because products on the market do not meet the requirements. 555 screw is one of the auxiliary products of the self-made brand because the screw commonly used for natural wood, industrial wood is not suitable for plastic board materials and has poor screw grip when working on plastic boards. Picomat. Therefore, Picomat has researched and developed the 555 series of screws specialized for plastic board materials with the advantages of hard, hard to break and good heat resistance, frost resistance to create a durable protection layer for the product substrate.

Reach to success

Thanks to the efforts of the board of directors and all employees in the company, in 2013, Picomat brought plastic board products to the market and immediately received positive feedback from consumers because many outstanding features such as: anti-termite, anti-mold, absolute water-resistant, outstanding durability… Thuong Thang rushed up, in 2014, the unit has developed and continuously launched Laminate surface coating products. , Acrylic, and invest more in machinery and equipment to process Acrylic wings on Picomat plastic board. With a creative spirit in the way of thinking and doing, the company has diversified more 200 different Laminate color codes and expanded the nationwide market.

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Currently, Picomat plastic board is trusted by consumers as a product that is safe for health, friendly to the environment, creating a foothold in the furniture industry. Because Picomat has always been consistent with the criteria of safe products for users right from the early days of the company’s establishment. Moreover, Picomat has cooperated with agents and distributors to buy back scrap from production workshops to limit waste discharge into the environment to help protect the living environment.

Mr. Minh Quan, who lives in Dong Da – Hanoi, shared: “Using Picomat plastic board since 2014 until now, my kitchen cabinets are still durable, not moldy or termites. I feel very lucky when I found it at that time. I got a new material that is not wood but still very satisfied, fully meeting the aesthetics and safety.”

With the spirit of innovation, Picomat constantly reaching out to the market and winning the trust of consumers thanks to product quality and always putting safety first.


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