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Podcast: Expected by everyone, good or bad?

“I think that the people who believe in you, do not want you to live with pressure. So I hope that no matter how much pressure you have, you will treat yourself well. If you don’t want them to put too many expectations on you, be frank with them, tell them “you’ll still do your best, but it’s for you, not their expectations.

And even though we don’t want to, sometimes we have to learn to live with pressure, but let’s do our best, for yourself, not for anyone else.” – advice from Khanh Huyen.

Sharing some more views related to the topic of “expectations”, the Host and the two guests had an exchange of personal stories, along with advice for young people when are stuck under pressure from the trust and entrustment of others.

Listen to the full version of the podcast “To be expected, good or bad?” at VTV News.

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