‘Return’ to incompetent contractors

Mr. Nguyen Minh Huy, Director of Danang Traffic Construction Investment Project Management Board (Construction Investment Project Management Board), the investor of the western ring road project in Da Nang, said that he is asking contractors to increase Strengthening parallel construction points to strive to open the public service route on the west of Da Nang Ring Road Project on June 30.

This is a slow-moving project, which has been pointed out by many violations by the Da Nang inspector and reminded many times by Da Nang’s leaders.

Recently, the Board worked with CIENCO 1 contractor to request the termination of the delayed construction subcontractor contract in the past time and replace the new contractor to work overtime at night.“, said Mr. Huy.

Projects of more than 1,000 billion VND behind schedule: 'Return' to incompetent contractors - 1

The overpass category of National Highway 14B belongs to the western ring road project.

According to Mr. Huy, currently, the old contractor has pulled the machine out of the construction site and the new contractor is bringing the machine to approach and deploy the project items under the direction of the investor.

As noted by PV, in the past few days, taking advantage of the strong sunny weather, the Danang Traffic Construction Investment Project Management Board directed contractors to mobilize manpower and machinery to speed up the leveling and construction of the ring road project. west of the city.

In the bidding package of Traffic Construction Company 1 (Cienco 1), section Km 0 – Km 2+100, the contractor speeded up the leveling of the last K95 ground layer, prepared to fill K98, ready to cover with grade stone. distribute. Compared to half a month ago, the construction site has improved a lot, the road surface is basically covered with earth, vehicles can travel easily.

Mr. Hoang Nguyen Son, official of Da Nang Traffic Construction Investment Project Management Board (managing the Cienco 1 package), said that at the beginning of the route, the K95 embankment has been basically completed, especially the section Km 2+600 – Km 4 has been completed. 50%. The abutment of the QL14B overpass is being covered with the first layer of coarse sand, both doing and testing the technology.

In terms of leveling, Mr. Son said, on average every day, the Cienco 1 package transports and fills more than 3,000 m3 of soil and 1,000 m3 of sand to treat soft soil. With the current progress, by June 30, 2022, the route will be opened under the direction of the leaders of Da Nang city.

Mr. Son added, currently, it is difficult to transport the leveling land to fill the front line. Specifically, the leveled land must be transported from Km 6 to the beginning of the route, but the current public service route is only enough for 1 lane due to some uncleared documents. The contractor set a goal to double the number of trucks carrying soil to speed up the leveling but failed.

According to a representative of Cienco 1, because the land has not been cleared to have a road to carry materials, the company leased land from people from March 2021 to open a public service road, but the road is very small. Therefore, Cienco 1 recommends that the locality soon hand over the site to widen the road and increase the amount of transportation.

According to PV’s research, other bidding packages of the project are also accelerating the construction progress. The bidding package of Truong Son Construction Corporation also strives to open the route by the end of September 2022 at the request of Da Nang leaders.

Project of more than 1,000 billion dong behind schedule: 'pay off' incompetent contractor - 2

Contractor Cienco 1 constructs road leveling items at the project.

Previously, the Inspectorate of Da Nang City announced the inspection conclusion of the implementation of the Western Ring Road project, pointing out many mistakes that led to the delay in progress.

Specifically, at the time of project formulation, the consultant only determined the impact of about 117 households, of which 95 households needed to be relocated and resettled, and only 5 hectares were prepared to arrange resettlement, so the project was established. does not propose to build resettlement areas. When implementing, there are 369 residential land records that need to be recovered, the number of land lots needed for resettlement is 625 and the land fund for resettlement around the project is not satisfied.

The Da Nang Traffic Construction Investment Project Management Board assessed and checked that the site clearance and resettlement plan was not close to reality, the Department of Transport’s appraisal was not consistent with reality, the Department of Planning and Investment advise the City People’s Committee to approve the project but does not show the plan for site clearance and resettlement.

The western ring road project has the starting point at National Highway 14B (Hoa Khuong commune, Hoa Vang district), the end point at Km 19+177.30 connecting the main road of the Centralized Information Technology Park (Hoa Lien commune).

The total length of the whole route is 19.3km, started on September 14, 2018 and expected to be completed on October 29, 2020. The project has a total investment of 1,500 billion VND, with phase 1 alone being more than 1,134 from the central budget and the Da Nang city budget.

The project is invested by the Construction Management Board of Da Nang traffic works, a consortium of contractors including Truong Son Construction Corporation and Cienco 1.

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