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Revealing the unexpected cause of the brutal murder of his biological father in Thai Nguyen

At noon on May 25, talking to PV Infonet, Mr. Ma The Thich – Vice Chairman of Thanh Dinh Commune People’s Committee said: “According to initial investigation information, before the incident, Long went to buy alcohol to drink, Mr. L because he loves his child, so he can’t intervene but can’t.

Revealing the unexpected cause of the brutal murder of his biological father in Thai Nguyen - Photo 1.

The police are investigating the case. (Illustration)

Buying alcohol, Long did not bring it home. Returning to the bridge near his house, Long took off his pants and sat there drinking. Mr. L came to see Long like that, so he put on pants for his son and then dragged him home. When taking Long home, the father and son had a conflict, after which the suspect beat his father to death with a stick.

Neighbors discovered the incident and ran to intervene and was also chased by Long with a stick, fortunately this man ran home and locked the door so he was not injured by Long.

After that, Long continued to hold a stick and rush out into the street. Meeting the woman, this person told Long to put down the stick. Not only disobeying, Long also used a weapon to smash his finger and break this man’s arm.

The incident was reported to the local police by residents. The functional forces arrested Long near the scene of the incident,” Thich added.

Mr. Thich also added that on the morning of May 24, Thanh Dinh Commune Police handed over Long to Thai Nguyen Provincial Police. The surviving victim in the incident is being treated at the hospital.

According to Mr. Thich, Long is married and has a daughter who is in secondary school, but the couple has been divorced for a long time. Long’s daughter is staying with her mother. After the divorce, Long returned to live with his father. The locality determines that Long is mentally ill and receives a monthly social allowance.

“In the locality, there are 4-5 cases like Long’s family. The authorities have repeatedly proposed to send Long to a mental hospital for treatment but have not been taken away. We are very sad when the incident happened …”, Mr. Like to say.

According to initial information, at about 4 pm on May 23, the local government received news about a murder that occurred in Thanh Dinh commune (Dinh Hoa district) causing 1 man’s death.

At the scene, Mr. L. (SN 1962, living in Trung hamlet, Thanh Dinh commune) was beaten to the head and died on the spot. The police agency arrested the suspect Nguyen Van Long (SN 1984, the son of Mr. L.) and seized the murder weapon at the scene.

The initial cause was determined by Long drinking and then using a wooden stick to beat Mr. L. to death. Information from the local government added that Long had an abnormal psychological expression. The case is currently being investigated and clarified by the Thai Nguyen Provincial Police.

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