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Robbed my sister’s boyfriend, I was rejected by the whole family-Young

Wednesday, May 25, 2022 16:10 PM (GMT+7)

I paid a heavy price for stealing my sister’s boyfriend and regret it for the rest of my life.

Robbed my sister's boyfriend, I was rejected by the whole family - 1

Because I like him so much, I heartlessly robbed my sister’s boyfriend. (Illustrated image)

At the age of 18, I left my family to live in the city with my sister to work. My sister and her boyfriend live together. I work as an employee for a store, and my future brother-in-law is in business. When I first saw him, I was surprised and said “so handsome”.

My sister’s boyfriend is not only handsome but also very capable. He is also a province resident who moved to the city to settle down. Initially, he worked as a salesman for a company, after having a close relationship with customers, he quit his job.

I don’t know what business he is doing, but I only know that his monthly income is quite high. Currently, he has bought a small apartment in the city and is renting it out.

My place of work is not far from my sister’s house, so I still live with her. Therefore, I often had the opportunity to contact him, so gradually began to develop feelings. I know this is not right, but my heart refuses to listen.

I wanted him to be mine, so when she was not at home, I seduced him and succeeded. You and I were in bed together. After that, we sneaked together a few more times.

I felt a twinge of guilt in my heart, unable to look her straight in the eye. I couldn’t stand it, so I decided to quit my job and move somewhere else. Later, her sister found out about this and broke up with her boyfriend. Since then, me and him officially come together.

Then this also reached my parents, they were very angry and scolded me badly. My parents said that, if we get married, they will turn away and neither of us is allowed to enter the house.

When we married him, we really had a lot of insurmountable distance. He’s much older than me, there’s a pretty big age gap. Before that, he and my father had a very good relationship, he often jokingly called “father-in-law”. Now, when I interrupt this relationship, the two have turned against each other.

As for my sister who has loved him for more than 2 years, the wedding has also been discussed, and I did not expect such a change to happen. My sister was very sad and resentful but did not know who to tell.

On our wedding day, no one in my family attended. I feel very ashamed and a little regretful. However, I love my husband very much, so I am willing to accept all detractors. I think I will slowly make up for the mistakes of my loved ones in the future.

After getting married, my husband bought a piece of land and built a 5-storey house, the bottom floor is for business, and the upper 4 floors are for rent. Along with the expansion of the city, the rent is equal to the salary of my husband and I working. Basically, life in our city is not without problems.

Not long after that, my husband decided to retire early at the age of 35.

A few years after my marriage, I gave birth to two sons in turn. I also stopped working and decided to stay at home to take care of my children. After my husband retired, he used to go back to his hometown with his parents and play mahjong all day.

Seeing that he was well off, his relatives often came and borrowed money. He is very generous, lending people tens of millions with just a few words. As for the family, he gives a fixed monthly amount equivalent to the rent.

I also asked my husband how much he saved but he never said.

Fortunately, my relationship with my biological parents has gradually returned to normal. A few years ago, my father became seriously ill, and he finally allowed me to return home. As for my sister, who later married a good husband, my heart was somewhat lighter.

I robbed my sister’s husband and could not escape the guilt of my conscience for the rest of my life. After all, I can’t seem to get my hands on happiness.

Even though I achieved my wish to marry him, I still don’t fully understand this man. We have been married for more than 10 years, her husband’s assets are still a mystery.

More than a year ago, I was too passionate about gambling, owed hundreds of millions of usury loans. After her husband found out about it, he wanted a divorce but then reconsidered. He helped me pay the debt, but since then, he has been more and more detailed with me.

After my children grew up, I started working. Anyway, I have money in hand, I don’t have to ask for my husband, I feel more comfortable.

But there is one thing that I always keep watch in my heart, is my husband keeping some secret and he no longer has any feelings for me?

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