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Shooting, taking mother-in-law hostage

Kien GiangNguyen Van Vuong, 32 years old, fired several shots, held his mother-in-law hostage, forced him to call his daughter to return to him.

On May 25, Vuong was prosecuted and detained by the Go Quao District Police Holding people illegally; Killing and Possession and illegal use of military weapons.

Nguyen Van Vuong at the investigation agency.  Photo: Lan Vy

Nguyen Van Vuong at the investigation agency. Image: LAN Vy

According to the initial investigation, Vuong, his 31-year-old wife and two young children live in Ho Chi Minh City. Due to his jealousy and beatings, at the beginning of the year, his sister-in-law took the children to Bac Lieu to stay with relatives and filed for divorce. Unable to find it for many days, Vuong had an intention to control his 67-year-old mother-in-law, forcing her to point out where his wife and children were.

Vuong went on social media to buy a handgun and 16 bullets. On the evening of April 9, he went to his mother-in-law’s house in Vinh Phuoc A commune, Go Quao district, pulled out a gun, shot many times, then controlled and locked her in the house. Vuong forced the victim to call his wife to return, or else he would shoot him dead.

The police and the local military command appealed to Vuong to release the hostages, but were unsuccessful. When the functional forces broke down the door to rescue the victim, an officer was shot and wounded by Vuong. He continued to put a gun to his mother-in-law’s head, threatening to kill him, forcing everyone to go out.

Police seized a gun at the scene.  Photo: Lan Vy

Police seized a gun at the scene. Image: LAN Vy

Police in Kien Giang province sent mobile police and professional units to support, and at the same time brought Vuong’s wife to persuade but to no avail. He continued to fire threateningly, asking the police to retreat.

At noon the next day, Wang’s mother was brought to dissuade her son. While the two were talking on the phone, Wang’s mother-in-law escaped through the back door. Knowing that he could not resist, Vuong threw his gun into the yard, surrendering.


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