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Simple ways to improve your child’s brain development

Parents and children play games, read books, talk to help children develop memory, communication and cognitive skills.

According to Times of India, human brain development is a protracted process that begins during pregnancy and continues until adolescence. After birth, this process happens quickly, the brain develops rapidly until the child is 3 years old. This is the time when children develop motor, language, communication, social, emotional, and cognitive skills. Therefore, the first three years of a child’s life are very important for learning and development.

Taking the right measures at this time can help your baby’s brain development, improve memory skills. Here are ways to help improve your child’s brain development.

Memory booster game

Parents should spend some time during the day playing memory games with their children. Riddles, cards and crosswords, all of which help improve your child’s memory skills. Adults ask questions and give them time for children to respond. If parents involve their children in memory-enhancing activities from an early age, they will learn better.

Reading books

Children who read diligently help increase knowledge and become smarter. Parents introduce their children to books of various genres from an early age. Reading improves perspective and study skills. Books also help children retain information for a long time. During the reading, ask your children about their reactions to the stories.

Parents and children play games to help children train their thinking and connect family feelings.  Photo: Freepik

Parents and children play games to help children train their thinking and connect family feelings. Photo: Freepik


Parents who expose children to different genres of music from an early age help acquire language and reading skills. Playing an instrument can also improve learning. Children who are exposed to different types of music in terms of timbre, pitch, and language will be beneficial for brain development.

Good nutrition

Good nutrition is essential for both physical and mental development. Parents who feed their children nutritious, healthy foods and limit junk food and processed foods from an early age can help children become smarter and develop healthy eating habits. Seafood, green vegetables, nuts, and whole grains can be good for overall growth.


One of the most important things adults can do to stimulate their child’s brain development is to talk to them. The number of words a child hears in the first three years of life is important because vocabulary is one of the indicators of success in school and in life. Families can stimulate children to learn and develop language from day one.

Sleep well

Good sleep will help children’s brains arrange the experiences of the day, supplement neurotransmitters that help children remember, learn, and solve problems. Sleep also helps flush out stress-related toxins.

Parents make sure their children have a quiet, comfortable place to sleep. Loud noises can prevent your baby from sleeping well. Be careful, close the door gently, turn down the sound or turn off the TV, try to provide a quiet, safe space for children to rest.

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