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Startled at the lavish funeral of Lord Trinh in Tonkin

In order to prevent the kingdom of Tonkin, especially Ke Cho, from falling into danger and panic, immediately after the death of the Lord, this secret information must be kept secret and must not be revealed to the public within 3-4 days. day. Book Describe the kingdom of Tonkin Author Samuel Baron said: “The first thing people did for the deceased Lord was to wash the dead body, dress him in seven of his best clothes, and offer him the best food and drink. . Next, the crown prince and his brothers and sisters went in to mourn, prostrate five times, ask him what he needed, so that they could know and provide …”.

Startled at the lavish funeral of Lord Trinh in Tonkin - Photo 1.

Trinh lord palace 17th century. Photo: TL

The mandarins also took this opportunity to pay respects to God in Tonkin. They were allowed in to do the formalities to pay respects, and the crown prince took the place to reciprocate. And only these people are allowed to enter the place where the body of the Lord is placed, not even distant relatives are allowed to come near. Author Samuel Baron further revealed: “Then they put pieces of gold, silver, and pearls in the deceased’s mouth. The body of the late Lord was wrapped in a splendid coffin made of the finest wood, painted with a thick and beautiful coating. The bottom of the coffin is sprinkled with a layer of rice flour (roasted) and fragrant oil seeds to fight the stench, then a carpet is spread and then the dead body is placed. After the burial, the coffin was placed in another room, candles burned all day and night, rice soup was served three times a day, at 5 or 6 am, 12 noon and 5 pm. Everyone attends the ceremony, visits and takes good care of the Lord, and the work repeats itself every day until the dead body is buried.”

When bringing the deceased Lord in Tonkin back to his hometown, the first thing the mandarins commanded the army in uniform, carried weapons to guide the deceased in front of the coffin of the deceased Lord. Followed by two muscular people holding shields, wearing masks as if they were intimidating and warding off demons. Behind the entourage are military bands of music including trumpets, drums, gongs, etc., mixed with many heart-wrenching mourning songs. The flag troupe followed with the titles and feats that the Lord in Tonkin achieved while he was still alive, many praises were embroidered with golden letters, framed solemnly, and carried by up to 20 – 30 guardsmen. according to.

Startled at the lavish funeral of Lord Trinh in Tonkin - Photo 2.

Scenery of the old Ke Cho wharf. Photo: TL

The luxury of the Lord’s funeral in Tonkin is also reflected in the number of boats attending the funeral, about 50 or 60 boats. All left Ke Cho wharf when all stages were completed to go back to Thanh Hoa, where the native homeland of the Lord’s family had just passed away. “The trip lasted from 5 to 6 days. The boat carrying the coffin was towed by five or six other boats. The whole group of people walked in silence. When they arrived in the provinces, they stopped to let the provincial rulers make sacrifices and offer offerings: buffalo, cow, pig. When the funeral procession reached the home of God, they had to perform many rituals according to the customs of this country. God’s burial place is always kept secret, very few people know it, and only those who have sworn absolute loyalty to this mission will know the specifics”, the book said. Describe the kingdom of Tonkin specific disclosure.

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