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Sunhome – A package design and construction company in Nghe An

“Home is not only a place to live, but also a place to enjoy life every day” is the message Sunhome conveys through each of its designs. Along with that is the enthusiasm of the leader – Architect Nguyen Duc Son.

The heart of the leader

Architect Nguyen Duc Son, CEO of Sunhome design – construction consulting joint stock company has 10 years of experience in the field of housing design. Anh Son was born and raised in Nghe An, graduated from Danang University of Architecture and embarked on a career path in his hometown.

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Architect Nguyen Duc Son wishes to develop the construction industry in the Nghe An – Ha Tinh market

Architect Son Nguyen Duc Son said that his design inspiration comes from the perception of the customer’s expectation of a beautiful home. “I cherish the hearts that want to have a happy home, I understand the hardships of the people in my hometown, I also grasp the climate and weather characteristics of Nghe An – Ha Tinh.

For me, dedication to customers is first and foremost, then profits. When customers really enjoy in the house they made, then they will be successful.”

Mr. Son shared, in the process of establishing and developing the company, he had to face many difficulties. That is the problem of personnel, is the surprise when not finding a stable market.

New wind in package construction design in Nghe An – Ha Tinh

A representative of Sunhome said: “Sunhome specializes in the design and construction of high-end housing packages. For us, each project is a work, a cherished spiritual “child”. To affirm its position, Sunhome must make a difference. The difference in Sunhome is that it is both a design and construction company and a friend – a place for customers to share their wishes. What makes Sunhome employees proud is their understanding. The Sunhome team knows the climate characteristics of the Central region well to create a suitable house, understand the wishes of customers, have young energy, and have acumen”, this person said.

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Sunhome team always try their best to bring the most beautiful houses

According to him, in Sunhome there is no room for any negligence. Sunhome always sets stricter standards than customers’ requirements from design to construction. Every customer who comes to Sunhome is consulted and clearly explained about their future home. Thanks to this motto, Sunhome has had many big projects, bringing many styles of houses to customers such as: landscape design and garden, TTH Ha Tinh General Hospital, container hotel design in the Central region and hundreds of townhouse villa in Nghe An – Ha Tinh area….

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Each design Sunhome brings is the great enthusiasm of the craftsman

In the coming time, Sunhome will actively promote and dominate the Nghe An – Ha Tinh market. With more than 5 years of experience, Sunhome has gained a certain foothold in the hearts of customers, which is a great premise for Sunhome to develop even more strongly.

Behind the success are always the efforts and non-stop efforts of the entire Sunhome team. They have come up from zero, embarked on building Sunhome from a big dream to “Home is not only a place to live, but also a place to enjoy life every day”.

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Each construction stage is carefully supervised and executed by Sunhome

Instead of choosing to follow the trail, architect Nguyen Duc Son decided to go his own way. Sunhome is the place for him to continue writing his dream, a place that brings a difference and houses full of enjoyment for people in Nghe An – Ha Tinh.

Sunhome design – construction consulting joint stock company

Address: 59 Nguyen Sy Sach, City. Vinh, Nghe An

Representative office: Hong Linh town, Ha Tinh province

Hotline: 0964.793.567 VND

Website: http://thietkesunhome.com

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