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Teacher beat 1st grader with bruises: Violence education does not make children better!

Failing to complete the final exam, a 1st grade girl was beaten by her teacher with a ruler, causing bruises on her thighs and biceps.

Recently, teachers have been forced to resign or terminate their employment contracts because of school violence, but the use of violence against students continues.

Many experts believe that students can make mistakes, may often not do their homework… but that does not mean that teachers are allowed to use violence against students.

Regarding the case where the teacher beat the 1st grader with bruises for not completing the test, psychologist Nguyen Hanh Phuc – Hanh Phuc Psychotherapy Consulting Center (Hanoi) said that the cases of teachers using violence The effort to educate students also gives teachers a lesson in the patience of the teaching profession.

The pedagogical training process must help teachers keep the word “forbearance” and calmness in front of students, even if the students are not good or have not done their homework. The problem is that teachers must use their pedagogical skills to guide students to develop in a positive direction.

There have been people who have asked me if violence education can make a child better?

Of course not because violence only creates violence. The defense of a child experiencing violence is anger venting that pain on another child, being stubborn and anti-adult.

The most dangerous thing is that the child who is abused will hate himself, become weak. I once met a child who talked about his suffering because of not being able to study well and being scolded by his teacher. This makes me withdraw, hate myself and really panic every time I have to face learning.

I believe that teachers are empowered in educating children, but that right must be based on understanding, tolerance, tolerance and love, never tolerating violence.“, psychologist Nguyen Hanh Phuc said.

According to this expert, in order to prevent school violence, besides the family, schools must implement education first and orientate first. The school must strictly implement the cultural code of conduct in the school environment so that teachers and students follow the rules, procedures, and practice in this important environment.

For students, each teacher needs to clearly show his role as a guide, instructing them with his own sincere love. Thus, students will feel the love of teachers for them. This is also an important catalyst that facilitates the “chemical equation” named happiness of both teachers and students to take place to the fullest.

Teacher beat 1st grader with bruises: Violence education does not make children better!
Le Van Tam Primary School

Before that, on the evening of May 23, HTR’s mother (grade 1 student, Le Van Tam Primary School in Ea Pok town, Cu M’gar district, Dak Lak) posted a picture on social media. photo of a girl getting bruised thighs and biceps by her teacher just because she didn’t complete the final exam. Immediately after the article was posted, it attracted the attention of the online community, many people expressed their displeasure at the teacher’s behavior towards a student who was too young.

Regarding the incident, Mr. Nguyen Duc Thuan – Principal of Le Van Tam Primary School confirmed that the school was in the process of handling the case where a teacher of the school used a ruler to hit a grade 1 student.

According to Mr. Thuan, the school initially determined that on the afternoon of May 23, in class 1B, the final exam took place, at this time, HTR had a stomachache but did not tell the homeroom teacher, Ms. D.TX. and I didn’t complete the test.

“When Ms. X asked, HTR didn’t say anything. The teacher was under pressure, so she used a ruler to beat her”, Mr. Thuan said.

Also according to the Principal of Le Van Tam Primary School, in the morning of May 24, the district Department of Education and Training returned to the school to work with the participation of students’ parents. Here, teacher X. apologized to students and parents and learned deeply from the incident.

“The student’s family also accepts the teacher’s apology and ignores everything. The school’s position in the incident is no matter how wrong it is to admit the fault there and will consider handling it according to regulations. This is also an article study not only for Ms. X but for all the teachers at the school”, emphasized Mr. Thuan.

The incident has been reported to the People’s Committee of Ea Pok town and the People’s Committee of Cu M’gar district.

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