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Teenager Tuyen Quang suffered severe burns when a bunch of balloons in her hand exploded, BS recommends caution in the closing season

Information from Tuyen Quang Provincial General Hospital said that on May 23, the hospital received patient Nguyen VTH, 15 years old, residing in Tuyen Quang city, hospitalized due to hydrogen gas burns.

According to the patient, when he was holding a bunch of balloons containing hydrogen gas for decoration, the balloon suddenly exploded. She suffered burns to her face and arms, so her family took her to Tuyen Quang General Hospital for emergency treatment.

Doctor Quang Van Hai, Deputy Head of Orthopedic Department, Tuyen Quang General Hospital, said: Patient H suffered burns to the face, lower third of the arm on both sides, forearms on both sides of the blister, painful sore skin, diagnosed burns II, III (about 7% area). When entering the Department of Orthopedic Trauma, the patient was immediately examined, treated and cared for.

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Doctor Quang Van Hai examines patient H. Photo: General Hospital of Tuyen Quang province.

Doctor recommends: In May – June every year, when students are about to graduate, there will be commemorative meetings or on Tet holidays and birthdays, hydrogen-filled balloons are used. much to decorate. Although hydrogen balloons are very dangerous, people are subjective and do not realize its danger. Hydrogen gas is very flammable, if accidentally exploded, the compressed hydrogen in the balloon will explode very strongly. Due to the very close distance of holding the ball, when it explodes, it can cause burning hair, face burns, blindness… Although the burns caused by balloon explosions are not deep, they are often found in places such as the head, face, neck, ears and hands. … so it can leave scars causing cosmetic loss.

According to the doctor, it is best for adults not to play or not allow children to play this type of ball, because children are hyperactive and easily expose the ball to explosion hazards, which are sources of fire. Just the cigarette butts of the people around them accidentally shot or the strong impact of the force causes the balloon to explode, causing burns.

In the case of a hydrogen burn, it is necessary to cool with tap water for 15-20 minutes to help relieve pain and reduce damage at the burn site, then take the patient to a medical facility as soon as possible for an examination. and get the right treatment.

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