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Temporarily suspending the homeroom teacher for beating a 1st grader with a bruised arm

May 25, 2022 14:05 GMT+7

Le Van Tam Primary School (Ea Pok town, Cu M’gar district, Dak Lak) has temporarily suspended the teacher who used a ruler to hit grade 1 students, causing a stir in public opinion.

This afternoon (May 25), talking to an Infonet reporter, Mr. Nguyen Tu Do, Deputy Head of the Education and Training Department of Cu M’gar district, said that this unit has directed Le Van Tam Primary School to suspend the teacher. D.TX for hitting a student with a ruler, causing bruises on the body.

Temporarily suspending the homeroom teacher for beating 1st graders with bruises on their hands
R. was beaten up by his homeroom teacher with a ruler because he did not complete the semester exam.

According to Mr. Nguyen Tu Do, Ms. X. was suspended by the school for a week from class, and during this time, Le Van Tam school must be responsible for verifying the case to serve as a basis for reporting to superiors.

Earlier, on the evening of May 23, HTR’s mother (grade 1 student, Le Van Tam Primary School) posted on the social network Facebook a picture of her daughter being beaten by her homeroom teacher with bruises on her thighs and thighs. hand. The reason why teacher X. hit R. was because she didn’t complete the final exam.

Immediately after the article was published, it attracted the attention of the online community and caused mixed public opinion, many people expressed their displeasure at the teacher’s behavior and said that the authorities It is necessary to strictly handle the case to set an example for others.

According to the initial verification results on the afternoon of May 23, the final exam took place in class 1B. At this time, HTR had a stomach ache but did not tell the homeroom teacher of D.TX.

Then R. didn’t complete the final exam, causing the teacher to get angry and hit R with a ruler.

After the incident happened, the Department of Education and Training of Cu M’gar district quickly returned to the school to work with the participation of the students’ parents.

At this meeting, teacher X. apologized to the students and parents, and the student’s family accepted the apology and agreed to ignore everything.

Regarding how to handle teacher X., Mr. Nguyen Tu Do added. Currently, the District Department of Education and Training is directing the school to urgently investigate and make a report on the case and send it to the school. for further instructions. Mr. Nguyen Tu Do affirmed that he would handle the behavior of teacher X. in accordance with the law.

The above incident is an expensive lesson for teachers about complying with the regulations on cultural conduct at educational institutions and cultivating teachers’ moral qualities.

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