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The fastest passenger jet in the world

CanadaBombardier introduces the world’s fastest new Global 8000 jet jet for business travelers with a speed of 1,152 km/h and a super-long distance of 14,816 km.

The Global 8000 aircraft was developed based on the Global 7500 aircraft. Photo: Bombardier

The Global 8000 aircraft was developed based on the Global 7500 aircraft. Photo: Bombardier

The Global 8000 jet can accommodate 19 passengers depending on the configuration selected. The design of this aircraft model is based on the test vehicle Global 7500. Global 7500 has achieved a maximum supersonic speed of 1,253 km/h in a flight accompanied by NASA’s A/A-18 escort aircraft.

The Global 8000 has a wingspan of 31.7 m, designed to operate from short runways thanks in part to the Smooth Flĕx Wing design that provides maximum control and stability over a wide speed range, not only at subsonic speeds but also at an altitude of 15,600 m.

Global 8000’s cockpit is equipped with a set of advanced equipment, including 4 large display screens, electronic control unit, head-up display screen (HUD), vision enhancement system (EVS), system integrated vision system (SVS), flight planning, Multi-Scan weather radar, feature-based navigation (PBN).

The cabin interior is divided into 4 individually designed areas. The air inside the cabin is renewed every 90 seconds thanks to a high-efficiency HEPA filter that increases cleanliness. Meanwhile, the daylight simulation light system uses blue and red LEDs programmed to stimulate or inhibit the body’s production of melatonin, helping to reduce jet lag. . Available amenities in the cabin include a king-size bed, freestanding bathtub, zero gravity chair and internet.

The Global 8000 is one of many attempts to speed up passenger aircraft more than two decades after the Concorde plane was decommissioned. Colorado-based Boom Supersonic is completing ground testing of the X-B1, an Overture jet prototype that can accommodate 65-88 people and have a top speed of 2,716 km/h.

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