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The habit of stroking her hair unmasks the actress’ killer

ChinaIt took the police four years to solve the mystery of the young actress’s death because the heavy rain swept away a lot of evidence and there were no witnesses.

On the morning of August 30, 2012, it was raining heavily, Fenggang district police, Xunyi city, Guizhou province, received news that a young woman had been murdered in the corner of Phoenix Square. The victim died in a kneeling position, the body had many stab wounds.

Police quickly identified the victim, surnamed Cui, an actor of the art troupe of the Fenggang District Cultural Center. Young, beautiful, very famous in the locality, often participates in performances organized by art troupes, and at the same time assumes the role of host for major events. The scene where she was murdered is just over 10 meters from the work unit.

When extracting surveillance cameras around the square, the police discovered that at about 10:26am, 5 minutes before the murder, Cui stepped out of the neighboring building, holding an umbrella and a bag over his shoulder. She walked along the edge of the square, about 50 seconds after she passed the camera, three women also passed umbrellas. The camera also recorded a blurry image of a man nearby, as if he was about to step out of the resort hut in the square.

The victim walked out of the building with an umbrella 5 minutes before the accident.  Photo: CCTV

The victim walked out of the building with an umbrella 5 minutes before the accident. Image: CCTV

After the investigation process, the police denied the suspicion of three women, leaving only the suspicious man in the surveillance video. Since the murder took place in the middle of the rain, there were no other witnesses around the square. Meanwhile, the video is very blurry, it is difficult to identify the man.

After careful analysis, investigators noticed that the man’s left hand was raised as if he was stroking his hair. His inappropriate attire also caught the attention of the police. The end of August was very hot in Fenggang, but the night before the crime, it suddenly turned cold, and the man was wearing a blazer and shorts as if he had been waiting at the resort hut since the night before.

On the third day after the murder, police found the victim’s bag in the stinking ditch of a man-made lake behind the square. The police determined that the perpetrator was most likely familiar with the terrain around the crime scene, knowing that this place had few passersby.

Police did not find any traces on the victim’s bag, mobile phone and other valuables that disappeared, thereby, the perpetrator’s motive is believed to be robbery.

The artificial lake area behind the square is a blind spot for surveillance cameras, and police can only collect data based on the location of the dropped bag and the suspect’s hypothetical escape route. They speculated that the perpetrator had a temporary intention to rob, so they investigated unemployed and delinquent people in the area, but this direction of investigation had no results.

In 2014, the Xunyi City Police Department, Guizhou Province, decided to re-investigate the deadlocked case two years ago, focusing on the victim’s whereabouts.

The police investigated in detail the neighbors and households around the victim’s house, and discovered a neighbor with a child who dropped out of school, who was often at home but suddenly disappeared after Cui was murdered, did not even return. home all the time. The person with this unusual behavior is Luu Hoan, who lives less than 100 meters from Thoi’s house. Two years ago, Hoan had just turned 18 years old, after a murder, Hoan suddenly told his family that he wanted to go elsewhere to work.

Further investigation, the police discovered that after August 30, 2012, Hoan wrote many words expressing his boredom and pessimism on an online blog, as if he had suffered a great psychological attack.

In the pictures on the blog, Hoan wears a black and white striped short-sleeved T-shirt, very similar to the way the man is dressed in the surveillance video. In addition, a dancing photo of Hoan shows that he can lift his whole body with his left hand, which also makes the police feel that his left hand is Hoan’s dominant hand, matching the movement of stroking his hair with his left hand. in the video.

However, Hoan was commented by teachers and family as being docile, often given pocket money by her parents, and did not need to spend so much that she had to rob.

At this time, the forensic team collected evidences and traces on the victim’s body to conduct an examination to confirm that the suspect was a male.

Blood stains and stab wounds on the victim's T-shirt.  Photo: CCTV

Blood stains and stab wounds on the victim’s T-shirt. Image: CCTV

On June 13, 2016, a man named Luu Nghia in Phuong Cuong district got drunk, got into a fight with a table next to him, was detained by the police, and took a DNA sample and entered it into the archives. Unexpectedly, this DNA sample gave a high similarity to the DNA sample from the mark on the victim’s white T-shirt.

Police determined that Liu Yi was related to the suspect who murdered actress Cui 4 years ago. Luu is a large local family, in which, the police discovered Luu Giang, Nghia’s cousin, an idle man who had been imprisoned because of drug addiction, whose motive for murder was because he needed money to buy drugs. drug.

When questioned, Giang always concealed, had a hostile attitude, lost control many times, making the police even more suspicious. However, the DNA comparison results showed that Giang was not a suspect but only had a high similarity.

Finally, Giang confessed that he thought he was arrested by the police because of his drug addiction, so he had a non-cooperative attitude. Giang also provided information about his cousin Liu Huan, suspecting that Hoan was the culprit because he often liked to carry a knife when he went out. After the murder, Hoan immediately ran to Lishui, Zhejiang. The police also recognized Hoan as the subject of the investigation two years ago.

The police found the factory where Hoan was working in Taizhou, Zhejiang. They silently followed Hoan to find evidence, to avoid “breaking the ropes in the forest”. Four years have passed, Hoan’s appearance has changed a lot, but he still speaks the Guizhou dialect. The police who followed Hoan observed that he raised his left hand to stroke his hair for about 2-3 seconds, the same movement as the man in the surveillance camera at the crime scene.

Hoan was immediately arrested by the police and escorted to Guizhou. The results of DNA comparison showed that he was the suspect being sought.

Hoan testified on August 29, 2012, the day before the case, he asked his girlfriend to go out to a park near the square. His girlfriend suddenly reminded him that September 1 is her birthday. But Hoan has spent all his pocket money for the month, and has no money to buy gifts for his girlfriend. He suddenly had an idea to rob.

That night, after seeing off his girlfriend, Hoan began to search for the target of the crime in the square, but never had the opportunity to act, he had to sleep temporarily in a resort hut in the square for one night. The next morning, Hoan saw Thoi, knew she was a famous actress, so he thought there would be a lot of money on her. He took advantage of the rain when no one was around, forced Cui to the corner of the square to rob, and then murdered her in a panic.

After committing the crime, Hoan fled to his girlfriend’s hometown. Seeing that he was in an unstable mood, writing negative words on the blog, his girlfriend asked about the matter but did not report it to the police, but ran with him to Zhejiang to work, never to return to Fenggang.

Liu Huan confirmed the crime scene in the square four years ago.  Photo: CCTV

Liu Huan confirmed the crime scene in the square four years ago. Image: CCTV

After confessing, Hoan determined the crime scene and the place to dispose of the evidence, and confessed that during his escape, he threw the victim’s cell phone and the knife into the artificial lake.

Police drained the lake and dispatched hundreds of officers to search for a week, finally finding the weapon and the victim’s cell phone in waist-deep mud. By recovering the data, police determined it was the mobile phone Cui used when he was murdered.

Hoan was sentenced to death for the crime Intentional murder, robberyand Hoan’s girlfriend had to receive a prison sentence for covering up.

Tue Anh (According to CCTV)

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