The life of coach Park Hang Seo

Unlike his father, Park Chan-sung has a peaceful life in Korea.

The victory of the U23 Vietnam team at sea ​​Games 31 has captivated the fans of the country. That success must definitely be called the head coach of the National Team Park Hang-seo.

People often only see Mr. Park sharing about his work leading the National team to “conquer” the awards, but he rarely confided about his family.

When asked by the press if he shared the 31st SEA Games gold medal with his family, Coach Park replied: ”We only have one son. He rarely talks to his father but only shares with his mother.

My personality, in Korean terms, is somewhat patriarchal. My son is similar to me in this regard.

Therefore, the father and son seem to be ‘severe’, so they rarely talk to each other. But if there is exchange or conversation, there is little mention of other areas of society, but father and son only talk about football-related issues. Just around football.

My kids also love football. Of course, when I won the gold medal with the Vietnam U23 team, I not only showed off my wife when I returned home, but also told my son about that joy.”

Coach Park Hang Seo's son: Ended his career in shorts because of pressure-1Coach Park Hang Seo's son: Ended his career in shorts because of pressure-2

Coach Park’s only son, Park Chan-sung, works at an auto repair shop near Seoul. With the popularity of his father, many people also put great hope in his football career along with the experience passed down from his father.

However, Park Chan-sung’s life is very normal, sometimes he also goes to Vietnam to watch important matches with the participation of the Vietnamese team.

”In Korea, I just did a very normal job at an auto repair shop. I’m not married but I have a girlfriend. Actually I was a footballer 14 years ago. Many people thought that when my father was famous as a player, I would be as good as him.

In fact, Korean football is very harsh, I failed so I decided to give up to go to school. I went to the US to study and then returned to Korea to work normally. Park Chan-sung shared with the press.

Coach Park Hang Seo's son: Ends his career in shorts because of pressure-3

14 years ago, he once entered the career of “digital shorts”. After that, he “dropped out” to study in the US. However, he is still very interested in information surrounding football and that is also the theme that runs through his father and son.

Coach Park once shared, from when he was a football player to when he became a coach, he mainly focused on his career, not much time to spend with his family.

Therefore, his father and son Park They also don’t have much time together to talk and confide in each other, so they sometimes “speak up”. The upbringing of his children, he assuredly entrusted to his wife.

Knowing that his father was busy with work, Mr. Park’s wife and children played a solid rear for his father. On vacations, Mr. Park often takes advantage of flying back to Korea to visit his family.

Coach Park Hang Seo's son: Ends his career in shorts because of pressure-4

Mr. Park once shared, when the Vietnamese team attended ASIAD, his son provided useful information to his father about rival teams.

Before leaving, Chan-sung’s son also encouraged his father: “Dad, do the football you want.” For Mr. Park, that sentence ”contains something that shows that he cares about me very much”.

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