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The reverse art of painter Nguyen Dai Giang

On the afternoon of May 24, the exhibition “Ethnicity – Modernity is the source of the reverse art of painter Nguyen Dai Giang” officially opened at the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum.

Exhibition Ethnicity – Modernity is the source of the reverse art of painter Nguyen Dai Giang presents 32 works created on acrylic and oil paints in an inverted style, demonstrating the artist’s efforts with the desire to give viewers a sense of art that is full of emotional breakthroughs. tolerance and harmony of the Vietnamese people.

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Painter Nguyen Dai Giang cuts the ribbon to open the exhibition.

Inverted paintings by artist Nguyen Dai Giang are inspired by inverted carvings on ancient rocks in Sapa or by unknown artists in the 17th century. The 32 works on display in the exhibition are all colorful. Bright and harmonious, through which the viewer can see the beauty of art and the optimistic and optimistic life of the Vietnamese people. The author wishes, through this exhibition, to convey the message “This life is still beautiful and worth living”.

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Painter Nguyen Dai Giang shares the background of creating paintings for visitors to enjoy.

Painter Nguyen Dai Giang shared that he had witnessed beggars in a prosperous society like the United States and related to himself. He realized that: This life is the same for everyone, good and bad always go hand in hand. , confused. “Things change, the beginning and the end are the same. And from that is born the art of inversion – is to draw a figure in a picture with right and wrong, but in the end still keep the essence of art. , a very beautiful reality”.

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Painter Nguyen Dai Giang said that in order to practice art in the US, he must comply with all strict regulations on copyright issues and professional ethics. “Copyright Council in New York has recognized and granted me a certificate of Upsidedownism copyright. Once copyrighted, my reverse art has to go through an art value appraisal process. After that, my paintings were submitted to international art festivals and won a number of important awards. I am very happy. for making a part of efforts to bring Vietnamese national art to contribute to the general development of world art history”.

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Painter Nguyen Dai Giang was born in 1944 in Hanoi. He graduated from Intermediate Industrial Fine Arts course 3 and University of Industrial Fine Arts class 1 in Hanoi. From 1969 to 1974, he majored in graphic design at the Moscow School of Industrial Fine Arts (Russia), then supplemented with graphics in Seattle (Washington, USA) (1996 – 1997).

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During his creative life, he has participated in many international exhibitions and held domestic exhibitions (in Ho Chi Minh City in 2009; Hanoi in 2014, 2018; Hue in 2016; Da Nang in 2018). His paintings have received many great awards in the world such as: Modern paintings for CD-Rom (New York, USA, 1996); Third prize “The most talented painters”; Third prize “Art World” (Stockholm, Sweden, 1997)… and present in many countries: Japan, Canada, Belgium, France, Spain,…

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