The son-in-law used a gun to control and hold his mother-in-law hostage

While the son-in-law was talking on the phone with his biological mother and children, the victim escaped after hours of being controlled and held hostage.

On May 25, the Police Investigation Agency of Go Quao District, Kien Giang Province prosecuted the case and prosecuted defendant Nguyen Van Vuong (SN 1990; living in Vinh Phuoc A commune, Go Quao district) for behavior illegal possession and use of military weapons and killing.

Previously, in mid-April, Vuong was prosecuted and detained for illegal detention. The victim in this case is Ms. Tran Thi E. (SN 1955), Vuong’s mother-in-law.

According to the survey results, in 2010, Ms. Pham Thi K. (SN 1991) and Vuong fell in love. Because Mrs. E.’s family did not agree, they both went to Ho Chi Minh City to work as hired laborers and had 2 children together.

After K. left to follow Vuong, Mrs. E. got angry and did not recognize her as a child anymore, so since then, Vuong and his wife did not dare to return to their mother-in-law’s house. About 2 years ago, Mrs. E. ignored everything, accepted K. and 2 grandchildren but was still angry with Vuong.

Last New Year, Vuong and K. went to Mrs. E.’s house to play. After going to Ho Chi Minh City to continue making a living, this couple had a conflict because Vuong was jealous, beat K. causing injury. Angered, K. took his two children to his relative’s house in Bac Lieu to hide, and at the same time sent an application to the People’s Court of Go Quao district for a divorce.

Because he searched many places without seeing his wife and children, Vuong devised a way to control his mother-in-law so that she could point out K’s whereabouts. Since then, Vuong ordered a handgun and 16 bullets on social networks.

On the afternoon of April 9, taking advantage of Ms. E’s home alone, Vuong entered the house and used a gun to control her, arresting her and locking her inside. Vuong forced Ms. E. to call K. to go home, or else he would kill her.

After that, Vuong called K. saying “if you don’t come back, I will kill your mother” and fired several times with his gun, one of which hit the television; the rest shot to the roof.

Receiving information from the people, Vinh Phuoc A Commune Police coordinated with the commune military command to go to the scene using loudspeakers to call, persuade, and ask Vuong to open the door, drop the gun and release the hostages to avoid casualties. However, after hours of persuasion, Wang still refused to comply.

The son-in-law used a gun to control and hold his mother-in-law hostage-1
The scene where Vuong used a gun to arrest his mother-in-law

Commune forces were forced to break down the door of the house to free the hostages and arrest Vuong. However, while the functional forces broke down the door, Vuong used a gun to hit one person. Thanks to the armor, this person only suffered bruises on the skin.

When the communal forces got inside, Vuong immediately overpowered Mrs. E and threatened to kill the victim. For the safety of the victim’s life, the commune force was forced to go out.

Considering that the subject was still stubborn, the Board of Directors of the Kien Giang Provincial Police Department directed the mobile police force and professional units to quickly present at the scene and coordinate with the Go Quao District Police to free the child. trust safely, avoid casualties.

At 3 o’clock on April 10, when the special mobile police force arrived at the scene, Vuong still controlled the victim and locked the door. At this time, the police organized to bring Vuong’s wife and biological father to mobilize and persuade him to let go of the gun and release the hostages.

The son-in-law used a gun to control and hold his mother-in-law hostage-2
Knowing that he could not resist, Vuong threw the gun and bullets out

The son-in-law used a gun to control and hold his mother-in-law hostage-3
Defendant Nguyen Van Vuong

Around 9:30 a.m. on the same day, Vuong continued to shoot a bullet to intimidate the task force and fished her neck, pointing the gun at Ms. E’s head, leading to the street.

At 11 o’clock, Mrs. A (Vuong’s biological mother) arrived at the scene. The commander of the hostage rescue force exchanged and asked Ms. A to cooperate and persuade Vuong to give up the gun and surrender to receive the leniency of the law. Two of Vuong’s children also spoke out.

While her son-in-law was talking on the phone with her biological mother and children, Mrs. E. escaped through the back door. At this time, knowing that he could not resist, Vuong immediately threw his gun into the yard to surrender and was controlled and arrested by the police.

Exhibits seized at the scene included a handgun, 14 shell casings that were fired and 3 unused bullets.

According to the Workers

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