US Senator’s angry reaction after the Texas school shooting

Video: US senator reacts in congress after horrifying news of shooting at Uvalde elementary school, Texas

On May 25, a shooting at Uvalde Elementary School, Texas occurred, killing 18 students and 3 adults. The 18-year-old shooter is believed to have been carrying a handgun and possibly a rifle during the attack.

Senator Chris Murphy, who was elected to the US Congress in 2012 not long before the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School that left 20 students dead, spoke out to colleagues: “What are we doing… what are we doing? Days before a grocery store shooting that targeted African-Americans, now we have another Sandy Hook.”

He said: “There are more and more mass shootings. Our kids are living in fear. Every time they step foot into the classroom, they could become the next victim. What are we doing? We What’s the point of spending our time running for this position? this mass murder is going on, when the kids ran away to survive, we didn’t do anything? What are we doing? Why are we here?”

He affirmed the tragedies caused by guns “not inevitable”that the children “not unlucky”.

“It only happened in this country and not elsewhere. Nowhere else in the world are children going to school in fear that they will be shot that day. There’s no place where parents have to tell their kids that they should hide in the toilet quietly… nowhere else does that happen but in America, and it’s a choice. We have chosen to let that continue.”

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