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Veteran politician warns of what will happen if the war in Ukraine does not end in 2 months

Veteran statesman warns of disaster if the war in Ukraine does not end in 2 months - Photo 1.

Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger told a meeting of Western elites in Davos, Switzerland that there was a small chance to de-escalate the armed conflict in Ukraine and find a peaceful solution. Alternatively, Russia could break away from Europe and become a long-term ally of China, Mr Henry Kissinger said Monday, May 23 in a speech at the World Economic Forum.

“Negotiations on peace need to start in about two months’ time, (before the conflict) creates upheavals and tensions that won’t be easily overcome,” the 98-year-old veteran diplomat said of the meeting. crisis. The outcome, he said, will determine the rest of Europe’s relations with Russia and Ukraine. “Ideally, the divider should be back to the way it is,” he said.

Kissinger added: “I believe that pursuing the war beyond that point will no longer turn it into a war for Ukraine’s freedoms, but into a war against Russia itself.”

Mr. Kissinger is a veteran politician for a pragmatic approach to international relations – putting the practical interests of countries above their ideological stance. He recalled that, eight years ago, when the Ukraine crisis was kicked off with an armed coup in Kiev, he campaigned for Ukraine to become a neutral country and “a bridge between Russia and Europe.” rather than … a front line of groups within Europe.”

Instead, Kiev pursues NATO membership as a strategic goal, paving the way for current hostilities. Mr. Kissinger said that the opportunity he promoted after that was gone, but “it can still be seen as an end goal”.

The West should keep in mind the bigger picture and remember that “Russia has for 400 years been an essential part of Europe,” said the veteran diplomat. He warned that the continent should be careful “so that Russia is not pushed into a lasting alliance with China.”

Kissinger referred to the escalating confrontation between China and the US, saying that the two countries now see each other as their only viable strategic competitors on the world stage. He said that an arms race between the two countries is a particularly worrying scenario for the whole world.

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