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Vietnamese stars dye brown when wearing these 4 hairstyles

To change the look, you should not keep the traditional black hair color forever, but try a few trendy and trendy dyes. Among the stylish dye tones, the easiest to apply is still brown hair. This color gamut is always fashionable with the times, looks very “western” and youthful, and at the same time shows a radiant pinkish glow. However, dyed brown It’s still not enough for the visuals to shine to the fullest, you should choose the right hairstyle too. So what is the most suitable brown hair style? You don’t need to look far away, just admire the 4 brown hairstyles of Vietnamese stars, guaranteed to immediately find the right idea without adjusting for the next makeover.

Straight layered hair

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If in the past, flat, curled hair was very popular with women because of its femininity and elegance, in recent years, layered hair is the trend leading choice. Layered hair will reduce the “weight” of the whole hair, bringing lightness and coolness, so it is suitable to apply in hot summer. Layered hair with a liberal and lively look will make your visuals more youthful. The age-hacking effect will increase even more if you study Vietnamese beauties, straighten your hair and dye it brown. This hairstyle exudes a modern look, but still has something very sophisticated and elegant.

Short Hair

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Can not be ignored Short Hair in the list of suitable hairstyles to dye brown.

Beauties like Huyen Lizzie or runner-up Thuy Dung have changed from long hair to short hair, and got a breakthrough in beauty. Huyen Lizzie applies a basic short hairstyle with a bob and a flat tail. With neat and smooth, straight bob hair has brought Huyen Lizzie a feminine and elegant look. Usually, basic bob hair makes women afraid of being added in age. However, if dyed brown like Huyen Lizzie, your appearance will still be very youthful.

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Runner-up Thuy Dung has a slightly different choice. Beautiful beauties have made friends with a layered haircut. This choice is more liberal than bob hair, and at the same time helps to enhance the charm of runner-up Thuy Dung. Layered short hair looks very feminine and airy, but no less modern because runner-up Thuy Dung straightened her hair and dyed it brown.

Curly layered hair

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If you like to curl but are afraid of being “stopped”, please learn from Vietnamese beauties, layer your hair and dye it brown. When applying the curly layered hairstyle, beauties like Pham Thanh Hang, Phanh Lee or Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc have a very lovely and luxurious appearance. But even with such smooth elegance, the curly layered hair still ensures the owner’s sweet and youthful visual. A special feature is that when it comes to layering curly hair, many Vietnamese beauties do not keep their hair too long. Thanks to that, their appearance is more fresh and radiant. Curly layered hair is a perfect choice for thin hair. The reason is because thanks to its bouncy, softness, curly hair will turn flat hair into thicker.

Super long hair, trimmed layers

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Short hair or shoulder-length hair is lighter and cooler, but many women still cannot give up their passion for long hair. A long, smooth hair will help the appearance to be more feminine and graceful. The most worrying point is that the hair is too long to “padded” to add age to the face. And the solution here is to dye brown like Ho Ngoc Ha’s choice. And yet, the female singer also trimmed layers for her hair to create a liberal and modern look, helping the visual look youthful but without losing its elegance and charm.

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