Want to lose weight must be based on science, 5 core principles to help you slimmer

Most of us, especially beauty lovers, always hope that they can get a perfect body, and many have joined beauty and weight loss groups to strive to achieve. this.

But many of them not only fail to lose weight, but also harm their health health own, largely due to not finding the right way, applying unscientific weight loss methods. Therefore, as long as you find a scientific weight loss method, you can lose weight effectively and be healthy, safe in the long run without fear of side effects or decrease and then increase.

How to lose weight scientifically? This is a question many people are interested in, but not everyone can find the right answer. Therefore, health experts have summarized and offered the following tips for you.

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Want to lose weight successfully must be based on scientific methods (Artwork)

1. Reduce the amount of calories you eat in each of your meals

Reducing the number of calories consumed in each daily meal is the basic principle of weight loss. For example, if you reduce your daily calorie intake by 100 kcal, you can lose 2-4 kg in about 5 weeks. If you have a weight loss goal like, you can apply the principle of reducing calories in an appropriate amount.

Therefore, in the process you want to lose weight, you have to “tighten” your eating. Take care to avoid foods that are high in calories or high in fat, such as fatty meats or sweets.

2. Change your diet and meal texture

Dieting to lose weight is not really good for overall health, when the wrong diet can lead to different diseases with different degrees, even affecting memory.

In the process of implementing a weight loss plan, you can try to change your diet and the quality of your meals, not only in terms of the amount of food, but also by reducing the texture of the food in the meal.

For example, by replacing high-fat foods with a variety of fruits and vegetables and whole grains, you can also replace your daily diet with lighter, lighter, and more liquid foods. nutrition than.

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Choosing foods and balancing nutrition is the secret to helping you maintain a reasonable weight (Artwork)

3. Persevere with the form of outdoor exercise and sports

In addition to tight management of your mouth through moderation in eating, you need to “exercise your legs” regularly and regularly to completely lose weight.

The best advice for you is to exercise outdoors at least 3 to 5 times a week, this can boost your metabolism, speed up blood circulation, thus speeding up your metabolism. fat, reduce excess fat weight.

It is recommended that each exercise session should be maintained for more than 30 minutes, because normally, the first 20 minutes of exercise will be the process of consuming sugar in the body, the next 20 minutes will consume and burn excess fat. in the body.

That’s why you should exercise more than 30 minutes in each exercise to bring more optimal results to your weight loss plan.

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Outdoor sports have many benefits that everyone should set goals to pursue (Artwork)

4. Do exercises to strengthen muscles

If you only rely on aerobic exercise with regular aerobic exercises, you can still achieve a certain weight loss effect, but it will cause muscle loss, which can gradually reduce the body’s metabolic rate. , affect the final weight loss effect.

Therefore, when you exercise to lose weight, you should combine regular exercises and muscle-strengthening exercises, making your muscles stronger, stronger, and more at the same time. Time makes the metabolism faster, so the weight loss effect can be multiplied with less effort.

5. Drink lots of water

During weight loss, you need to drink water in an appropriate amount because this can help increase metabolism in the body, and at the same time promote fat burning.

It is recommended that you drink cooled boiled water and drink as little soft drinks/prepared drinks as possible, because the sugar content in ready-made drinks is relatively high, not only not good for the reduction process. weight but can also have adverse effects on health.

Want to lose weight must be based on science, 5 core principles to help you slimmer - 4

Drinking water properly is very helpful in losing weight (Artwork)

Although people’s awareness of the importance of health has greatly improved in today’s modern world, there are still many misconceptions about weight loss.

For example, some people think that eating spicy food can lose weight, because when eating spicy food, it’s easy to sweat, eating a little chili will create a feeling of fullness, but in fact, spicy food contains a lot of calories, which also affects your health. function of the gastrointestinal tract, so it is not advisable to lose weight by eating spicy food.

In addition, completely eliminating fatty foods during weight loss is also a mistake, because fat is an essential nutrient for the human body. all have the same consequences. Therefore, nutritional balance is an important thing you need to keep in mind during weight loss.

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