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What other car models does Nissan sell in Vietnam?

Still named in the monthly sales report of VAMA, but the position of the Nissan brand has always been in a precarious position over the years.

Still keeping the VAMA membership and listed in the monthly sales report, but the specific sales figures of the TCIEV manufacturer’s models, which are associated with the Nissan brand, are always blank.

In the latest VAMA sales report, manufacturer TCIEV (Tan Chong Industrial Equipment Vietnam) is still registered as a member with 2 models of Nissan Sunny and Nissan X-Trail, but no sales figures, due to the models. This has been discontinued since September 2020.

What other car models does Nissan sell in Vietnam?  - first

The position of the Nissan brand in Vietnam has been very unstable in the last 5 years

In fact, the distribution rights of Nissan and the TCIE factory in Da Nang have already returned to the new owner, although the license to manufacture the above models is still valid, in fact the distribution of Nissan cars is currently carried out by a legal entity. other operate.

Currently, the website, managed by Vietnam Automobile Industry Development Co., Ltd., is introducing 4 models including Almera (A-size sedan), Navara (pickup), Terra (SUV) and X-Trail (Sizei-Trail). crossovers). Banner advertising the promotion program on the homepage, the message: “Almera procession without worrying about registration, applied from May 1 – 31, 2022”. This A-class sedan has a suggested price of VND 469 million.

However, on the market as of April 2022, Nissan dealers currently offer only 2 models: Nissan Almera sedan (3 versions, priced from 469 to 579 million VND) and Navara pickup model including 3 versions. , priced from 748 to 945 million. Other car models or not in stock, do not have a listed price, so customers need to book in advance.

Some Nissan dealer employees shared that the new distributor required more standards about showrooms, factories as well as sales commitments, but 2 years of the Covid-19 pandemic made the goals even more difficult to achieve.

In early May, Nissan Long Bien dealer revealed that the Nissan Terra 2022 SUV is expected to return to Vietnam in August this year with a single automatic transmission version with an expected price of VND 850 million, imported from Vietnam. Thailand. However, the representative of the Nissan distributor did not confirm this information.

Although the old Nissan distributor Tan Chong and the new distributor VAD have made great efforts, the current Nissan products cannot be compared in terms of sales with any competitors in the market.

According to Lam Anh (Traffic Newspaper)

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