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“What saves lives

“Thunderstorm is not in Vietnamese grammar” It’s not only a saying for fun, but it’s been verified by both Vietnamese and foreigners. Not to mention the fact that there are many words that are similar to each other, adding tones and punctuation has been extremely brain-hacking to users.

Not only that, the speciality of this language when combined with fun word-finding puzzles is even more tricky, even those who are fluent in Vietnamese for decades have to give up.

To verify the above is true, try the following question:

“What saves lives

One more sharp mark makes a mess?”

What saves lives - one more sharp mark makes a mess?  - quiz you to guess the super familiar Vietnamese word!  - Photo 1.

Test your ability to guess Vietnamese words in 10 seconds! If it’s been too long and still haven’t found the answer, see the suggestions below to satisfy the curiosity.

The answer to this question is from FIRE – CANON.

A buoy is an object that floats on the surface of water to act as a target or to support other floating objects. The buoy is considered as an object to save/rescue a person in case that person cannot swim or is in danger when operating in the water. When adding a sharp accent to this word, we get the word “cannon”. Cannon is a product containing cannon powder, when impacted, it will cause an explosive reaction, causing great damage.

Thus, just adding a sharp mark turns an item capable of saving people into something of great destructive power that can cause harm to people. That is to see, how rich the Vietnamese language is, if you have never heard it or are very sensitive to words, it is difficult for anyone to think of this answer.

For your part, does this question make it difficult for you?

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