Why did singer Hoang Hai “disappear” during his heyday?

In the early years of the 21st century, Daystar rendezvous is one of two popular music contests on television that are closely watched by Vietnamese audiences. In there, Sao Mai rendezvous point 2006 considered the most successful season, the contestants who came out of the contest that year now have a certain place in Vietnamese showbiz, such as Ha Anh Tuan, Phuong Linh, Pham Anh Khoa, Hoang Hai…

Hoang Hai. He entered the top 3 with Pham Anh Khoa and Ha Anh Tuan and is considered a face with more famous prospects than his two colleagues. After the competition, he released many music products. His name is associated with songs like You will be the dream, Smiley eyes, Winter nostalgia…

With a handsome appearance and emotional voice, Hoang Hai is favored by the audience as “Hoang from Vpop”. He was even called “the second Bang Kieu” because of his similar voice style Sideline heart.

Why did singer Hoang Hai

In the period 2009 – 2012, Hoang Hai was very famous.

In 2009, Hoang Hai entered the list of 10 top singers in Vietnam at the Green Wave program. In 2012, he made a strong impression when he released the album vol.3 titled Find time again. This is also the time when Hoang Hai has strong coverage in the media.

After 2012, Hoang Hai gradually withdrew from showbiz. How often do you appear on shows? Music or TV gameshow is sparse and almost absent. As one of the famous singers of the Vietnamese music industry at that time, Hoang Hai’s disappearance made many people wonder and regret.

In a recent sharing with the media, Hoang Hai revealed the reason, that at a certain stage, he no longer wanted to spend too much time on work and forgot what he really wanted.

“About 8-10 years ago, I woke up with the same regular schedule, every day only a very small amount of time for myself, the rest is all for work. I feel so boring! Until one day, I suddenly found myself not wanting to work that much, not wanting to spend too much time on work anymore. Instead, I want to do the things I like, I want to slow down, be a little quieter.” – Hoang Hai said.

Why did singer Hoang Hai

Unlike many singers, Hoang Hai chooses a quiet life, not chasing fame.

Hoang Hai confided more, he is not too concerned about money and fame, but pursues a quiet life. So besides singing, he spends all his time with his friends on excursions, visiting beautiful places, enjoying nature and fresh air.

The fact that Hoang Hai accepted to give up the glory to go slower than his colleagues made the family quite impatient. They repeatedly urged the male singer to work hard again. When he could not explain it to his loved ones, he chose to smile and let it go.

“I understand that people love and worry about me and want me to be better. But life is mine, how I feel better, how to live happier, I do. It’s my choice. me, and I find it right” – male singer born in 1982 confirmed.

In fact, Hoang Hai still sings, but he doesn’t put too much importance on the problem of holding on to the glory of the past. The male singer chooses a slow path to live a more stable and happier life. Currently, he makes music spontaneously but still full of passion. He doesn’t need a plan or a plan, but as long as he sees a good song, he will propose to cooperate with that musician, and when he sees a suitable program, he will accept the invitation to participate.

Hoang Hai said: “It would be better if I appeared less, but my presence was more valuable, I think it would be better. In the same way, even though I appear less, once I go on stage, I will always give my best” .

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