Why do Chinese artists no longer participate in Cannes?

The red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival was once a “mecca” of Chinese artists. However, in the past three years, few Chinese stars have attended the event.

According to Xinhua News Agency, Cannes Film Festival (Cannes Film Festival) once witnessed the powerful appearance of Chinese artists on the red carpet. More than 50 famous people from billions of people come to Cannes in each period.

However, in the past 3 years, the prestigious cinema event in France is no longer a festival of the world star China.

Why are Chinese artists no longer pulling troops and celebrating in Cannes?-1Why are Chinese artists no longer pulling troops and celebrating in Cannes?-2
Tang Duy is the most prominent Chinese-born star in Cannes 2022. Photo: Sina.

Increasingly faint and sparse”, media assessment of the influence of Chinese showbiz in Cannes. At the 75th film festival, Thang Duy, Minh Dao, Ngo Ngan To, Tran Phap Lai, artist and wife Luu Thi Con – Ton Dinh are rare Chinese stars attending.

Sina There is an article explaining why the Chinese celebrity legion has not landed on the Cannes red carpet in recent years.

Chinese cinema is absent

According to Sina, among the few faces of Chinese-born artists appearing at Cannes 2022, only Thang Duy has a film in competition. However, the work Decision To Leave in which the female artist participates in the acting belongs to the Korean film industry, directed by Park Chan Wook.

This year, the film industry of billions of people did not send any works to Cannes to compete. QQ said that this is the rare time that a Chinese-language film is completely “absent” from the list of 21 competing films in the Palme d’Or category.

The consolation for them is still there Zhang Ziyi invited to be a judge. The beauty of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is in charge of evaluating and grading films competing for the Cannes XR – VeeR Future Award – the category for works applying virtual reality technology.

Why are Chinese artists no longer pulling troops and celebrating in Cannes?-3Why are Chinese artists no longer pulling troops and celebrating in Cannes?-4Why are Chinese artists no longer pulling troops and celebrating in Cannes?-5Why are Chinese artists no longer pulling troops and celebrating in Cannes?-6
Cinema of billions of people has glorious memories at the Cannes Film Festival. Photo: Toutiao.

Since 1959, China has its first film to participate in the Cannes Film Festival. But it was not until 1993 that the story of Chinese cinema at the world’s top awards took a different turn. Work Farewell King by Tran Khai Ca caused a stir when winning the Palme d’Or.

At the 1994 Cannes Film Festival, To live by Zhang Yimou received the Grand Prize judged by the jury. The film helped Cat You go down in the history of Chinese cinema when becoming the first artist to receive the Best Actor award. In 1997, Truong Quoc Vinh and Leung Trieu Vy were named in the nomination for Best Actor for their work on homosexual love. Happy Love. Wong Kar-wai won the Best Director award.

At the 53rd Film Festival, the Chinese language film industry impressed with the award hat-trick. Taiwanese director Yang Dechang was honored with the Best Director category, the film Devil at the Gate by Jiang Wen won the Grand Prize. While Leung Trieu Vy was named in the Best Actor category with the work The Mood For Love.

In the following years, Chinese cinema continued to have a breakthrough, becoming a prominent force on the world film map. It can be mentioned that Truong Man Ngoc won the Best Actress award for her work Cleandirector Jia Zhangke was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award, Spring Fever nice A Touch Of Sin won Best Screenplay.

According to Sina, the mark of the film industry of billions of people at Cannes ended after 2015. In the past few years, the number of Chinese-language works that competed at the event has been scattered, leaving no impression on the world. specialize. In 2019, the movie Meet At The South Station starring Ho Ca, Que Luan My, Lieu Fan, and Van Thien in the main competition for the Palme d’Or, received only 2.7 quality points out of a 4-point scale.

According to Sina, Chinese cinema is losing its position in major film festivals. Over the years, they have significantly reduced the number of art films, but have a surplus of commercial films. Projects produced for the purpose of making money, serving the tastes of the billion-people market do not meet the artistic expertise to compete in Cannes.

So three years ago, QQ said Cannes has become a playground for young Chinese directors. Films labeled “Made in China” premiered at the event were largely promotional. In 2020 and 2021, China brings the film festival Striding Into The Wind, Streetwise, Ripples Of Life by Wei Shu Yun and Na Gia Huu. These works are all shown outside the Le Palais convention center.

Pandemic and lack of world-class stars

According to Sina, to own a ticket to Cannes is not difficult for the Chinese. The news site said there are four ways for artists to appear on the red carpet of the prestigious Film Festival.

The first is a movie that competes or is premiered as in the case of Gong Loi, Zhang Ziyi, Luong Trieu Vy, and Truong Man Ngoc. The second is to be invited by the organizers with the title of guest of honor like Pham Bang Bangor members of the typical jury are Truong Chan, Jia Chuong Kha.

If not in the two “pricey” categories above, the artist will use the representative brand to get the invitation ticket. This is how many stars from the country of billions of people use to go to Cannes, including Duong Mich, Co Luc Na Trat, Ly Vu Xuan, Con Lang, and Luu Dao. On the red carpet of Cannes on May 24, Minh Dao admitted to attending the event thanks to the arrangement of the brand he represented.

Why are Chinese artists no longer pulling troops and celebrating in Cannes?-7Why are Chinese artists no longer pulling troops and celebrating in Cannes?-8Why are Chinese artists no longer pulling troops and celebrating in Cannes?-9Why are Chinese artists no longer pulling troops and celebrating in Cannes?-10Why are Chinese artists no longer pulling troops and celebrating in Cannes?-11
Artists from billions of people like Pham Bang Bang, Truong Hinh Du, and Truong Vu Ky rock the Cannes red carpet. Photo: Sohu.

Others are mostly unpopular stars who spend their own money to buy tickets to the red carpet for thousands of dollars. Actresses Lu Giai Dung, Truong Hinh Du, Thi Du Phi, and Trieu Han once admitted to having a chance to attend Cannes by paying for it. According to SinaArtists attending Cannes without competing films are always ridiculed and sarcastic.

After the 72nd Cannes Film Festival (2019), Chinese-language stars were absent from the event’s red carpet. According to Sina, the Covid-19 pandemic is the main reason why artists of the country are afraid to attend international film festivals. Strict anti-epidemic measures according to the “Zero Covid” strategy prevent the stars from attending Cannes.

According to regulations, if they enter China from abroad, they are required to undergo 14 days of medical isolation before participating in normal activities in the Mainland. Having to isolate for half a month disturbs the work, and can even cause economic losses to the artist. Therefore, the Chinese-speaking world will not sacrifice a month’s schedule to earn millions of dollars in China for a few days attending Cannes.

QQ said that the supply of Cannes sponsorship tickets from big brands is now mainly concentrated in mainland showbiz. When the stars of the most powerful entertainment market in China refused to participate, the red carpet of the prestigious film festival was obviously empty of Chinese representatives.

In addition to the problem of the Covid-19 pandemic, Chinese showbiz currently has a shortage of international-class artists. Pham Bang Bang’s reputation and image plummeted after the tax evasion scandal in 2018, a group of top stars and actors such as Chau Tan, Zhang Ziyi, Luong Trieu Vy, Gong Loi, Ly Bang Bang… acting in commercial films following market trends, who paused acting. Therefore, the Cannes organizers do not have too many choices with the honorary invitation ticket for Chinese stars.

According to Zing

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