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5 things to have that girls always lack when in love, especially the 4th thing

Pay attention to the eyes when “in love”

This doesn’t mean you’re going to stare him in the eye all the time. Maintain eye contact with your partner during foreplay and give them “inviting” looks to stimulate their emotions.

It sounds simple, but this is a way to bring a lot of emotions to “love” if you apply it correctly. When you focus on making eye contact with him, the distance between the two will quickly be erased, leaving only the sweetest and most wonderful emotions. Not only that, maintaining eye contact also helps couples focus on love, dispel wandering thoughts that can affect the sweet moment of both.

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Intense, wild when “in love”

Men’s instinct is to like to be in control and in control of everything, but things in bed are sometimes the opposite. Men will sometimes “get drunk” before the wild, intense initiative of women. Because this type of woman gives them a new and exciting feeling.

On the contrary, women always appear innocent, shy like a bunny or stiff as a log on the bed, over time will make men feel bored when “acting”.

The wildness and intensity of this woman will make men fall in love and go crazy; “Love” is therefore also easier to achieve pleasure.

Do not regret the words with wings

Not only women are always eager to hear words with wings, but men are no exception. Complimenting his strengths, the things he makes you like will make both of you mentally excited and happier. In addition, instead of being silent during the fun, take the initiative to talk, open up and share your feelings with your partner. This will make it easier for him to grasp your feelings and make it easier to connect.

Take care of your appearance

Neglecting yourself after being married for a long time is a mistake that most women make. Try to dress to suit yourself, showing off your body is what women should do. Do what makes you look better because men are always visually attractive so there’s no reason why you should make yourself messy in the eyes of your husband.

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