5 types of faces men should not marry

The horoscope website shared that men with these 5 face types should not get married, not only because of their poor popularity, but also financial difficulties, and difficulty achieving great things in life.

1. The ears are thin and small, exposed behind the ears

In physiognomy, the ears govern intelligence, wealth and fortune. People with big ears are mostly healthy, intelligent, high IQ and very progressive.

But if a person has thin and small ears, most people are relatively quiet, have a weak temperament, are not intellectually high, have no ambition, and lack perseverance in everything they do.

If the intestines inside the ears protrude, most of these people are rebellious, obstinate and stubborn, unpopular and unlucky.

2. The forehead is sunken, low and narrow or has aggressive lines, an evil mole

The forehead is called Thien Dinh in anthropology, representing the innate luck and future luck of a person, also known as “Cung Quan Loc”.

If the forehead is sunken or narrow, most people are unintelligent, short-sighted, have poor insight and judgment, thinkless in everything they do, have poor academic performance, mediocre personal capacity, and difficult breakthroughs. . career.

If there are extra lines, or a bad mole, the family is not very good, since childhood, the family is relatively poor, without parents’ help, has to endure many hardships, life is difficult and it will be difficult to achieve. get great things.

3. High cheekbones, convex without meat, sunken

Cheeks represent a person’s physical courage, ability, and patience, and can also indicate a person’s temperament and attitude toward work.

If man wide or high cheekbones and no flesh, despite having a strong personality, hard working, very adaptable to the environment, has a strong will, is a very pragmatic person, he must achieve his goals in whatever he does. their own goals, but most of them have a desire to control, strong character, domineering and relatively selfish, doing things that are ungrateful for their own benefit.

4. Crooked nose, crooked mouth

In anthropology, the nose represents a person’s character and fortune, and the mouth represents a person’s feelings.

If the nose is crooked, there are many messy thoughts in the head, it’s easy to go on a winding road, everything is precarious, all day long thinking about it, even a wife or loved one has to calculate.

Men with crooked mouth are often snobbish, look down on people who are inferior to them, and especially like to lie, easily having problems in marriage.

5. Speak without breath (short of breath), with a voiceless voice

A person’s health and personality traits can be judged by his or her voice. In general, people with loud voices are full of energy and majesty when they speak, while some speak weakly, most of these people are in poor health, mentally also make people feel sluggish. tired.

If a person’s voice sounds stuffy, most of these people are hot-tempered, petty, intolerant, very harsh in their dealings, always like to blame others, jealous. Jealousy for no reason, hard work and life is difficult to get rich.

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